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Rugged Air RA200 Headset - Dual GA Plugs

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Part# 13-09291
MFR Model# RA200


The Rugged Air aviation headset with 24 db NRR, Clear Hear performance audio speakers, volume control and 3.5mm music input jack for Ipods and MP3. With Foam Fit ear seals, stainless steel headband and Deep Pocket ear canals student pilots and flight instructors will enjoy the all day comfort of the RA200. Never miss an instruction with the superior Clear Hear 50mm audio performance speakers. Always be heard with the all new designed EM56 noise reflective cup microphone and wind block foam mic muff.
  • 24 dB NRR hearing protection
  • EM56 noise reflective cup mic
  • Clear Hear performance audio speakers
  • Foam Fit comfort ear seals
  • Deep Pocket ear canals
  • Wind block foam mic muff
  • Stainless steel adjustable headband
  • Industry standard 3.5mm music input jack
  • 7 year factory warranty
Rugged Air is bringing new audio technology with the same proven reliable cup and headband design. Finish it off with gold plated plugs, tough molded Y block, music input port, Total Shield cabling, and EM56 noise reflective microphone the RA200 is the perfect choice for all of your aviation adventures.

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Purchased this headset for guest passengers. Comfortable backup unit.

John H Verified Purchase


December 27, 2021

Great product price and quality

Servicios C Verified Purchase


December 6, 2021

Great product and easy to order

Jim G Verified Purchase


November 11, 2021

Ishaan S Verified Purchase


October 20, 2021

These headsets were exceptional for the price. I was pleasantly surprised. They have an adjustable fit and comfortable ear pads. The microphone boom looks durable and the microphone sounds good. They came complete with a mic muff and individual carry pouch the headset fits into nicely. I give them a 5 star rating for passenger headsets.

Timothy L Verified Purchase


July 22, 2021

I bought it for my passengers. They are very satisfied so far.

Kamil S Verified Purchase


May 24, 2021

Purchased as a back-up and for passengers. I havent used them myself, but my passengers have used them a few times and no complaints, always able to hear what Im saying. Very happy!

April 5, 2021

I bought this headset this Month. Their rates are reasonable if compared to Amazon or any other websites. I saved 30$+ buying from here. I highly recommend this headsets for Students or anybody looking for a cheap headset. These headsets are loud and clear I’m happy my radio communication was really improved. THANKS AIRCRAFTS SPRUCE ♥️

Omar M
July 15, 2020

Right out of the box this headset was a skull crusher for me. I just stretched them overnight on a soccer ball and then they fit better than my david clark. I have been using them for a month now and absolutely love them. The mic is sensitive and sound is extremely clear. I like to use cloth ear covers to not feel the vacuum. The david clark soft ear covers fit much better on this headset compared to the ones on rugged air's site.

Wile E
June 15, 2014


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Q: Is the RA200 TSO compliant?

No, this is not a TSO'd headset. For general aviation a certified headset is not required but some airlines may require a TSO'd headset.

Q: Is the Rugger Air RA200 headset Stereo or Mono?

This is a mono headset.

Q: Can this Rugged Air RA200 headset be used in general aviation aircraft? C150/152 C172 or even bigger C208?

Yes, this headset is equipped with dual GA plugs and can be used in general aviation aircraft.

Q: Will this headset work on an iCOM IC-A3?

Yes, as long as the Icom A3 radio has the headset adapter.

Q: Does this Rugged Air RA200 headset come with a carrying case?

Yes, this headset comes with a bag.

Q: Will the RA200 work with my ULTA-CCOM II intercom for Pilot to Passenger communication?

No, RA200 has dual GA plugs and Ultra-com II is set up for ultra light plugs.