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Jeppesen Professional Logbook - Brown

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Part# 13-21728
MFR Model# 10001795-006


With superb craftsmanship, pages that hold up to 10 years of data, the Professional Pilot Logbook has become a tried-and-true favorite of aviation professionals.

With superb craftsmanship, pages that hold up to 10 years of data, it's no wonder why this logbook has become a tried-and-true favorite of aviation professionals. Its design matches that of the Airway Manual binders, and it includes simplified pilot and aircraft annual summaries. This tried-and-true favorite of aviation professionals can hold up to 10 years of data. Measures 6-3/4" x 11-1/4".



Nice pilot logbook but it is rather long or larger than what I was expecting. That may not be a bad thing after all, it does give you plenty of writing options for you to record all types of flights.

Alex Verified Purchase


November 8, 2022

Apex A Verified Purchase


July 20, 2022

Excellent service as expected

Mystarair Verified Purchase


May 20, 2022

Great products and great service. Exactly what I was looking for and Aircraft Spruce made getting it quick and easy!

William C Verified Purchase


May 25, 2021

It’s what I ordered

April 12, 2021

Product photos are accurate to what I received. Pre-printed categories are ASEL, ASES, AMEL, RH & Glider. Received quicker than shipping information estimated.

Derek M
September 7, 2019

Make this log book your first.

Charlie S
August 17, 2019

After a couple of log books, some instructing, and thousands of flying, Ive decided I like this log book better than the ones Ive used in the past because there are of course more columns for many kinds of piloting experience, but also there are summary areas in the back for tracking time in type, etc. The one draw back Ive discovered for students is that the remarks area is particularly small, necessitating the use of additional lines or even areas in the other columns to try to put in even brief notes about what was covered in the flight since youll also be endorsing the flight. Im covering the details of the flight primarily with a printed out syllabus to augment the log since no log book is really adequate to cover tons of details and this way the student is also signing off on the training as soon as it has been completed.

Mike H
January 20, 2019


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Q: Hi, I would like to buy 10 of this Jeppesen Professional Logbook. Do you have any model number so that I can be sure of buying the correct item? Thanks

The model number associated with this log book is 10001795.

Q: Is this Jeppesen Professional Logbook the same as JS506055?

Yes, that is just an alternate part number. Another alternate part number is 10001795-006.

Q: How many pages does the Jeppesen Professional logbook have?

This logbook has 130 pages from cover to cover.

Q: How many entry lines per page are there in the Jepp Professional Log book?

13 entry lines per page.

Q: Do the pages each have a bottom line for cumulative totals?

Yes, each page at the bottom has boxes for TOTALS THIS PAGE, AMT. FORWARDED, and TOTALS TO DATE.