Fuel Pumps Cooling Shroud

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Part# 08-06097
MFR Model# 10550


Designed to keep the fuel pump cooler in the hot engine compartments, and reduce the risk of fuel vapor lock. The cooling shroud will fit most carbureted or fuel injector Lycoming engines using a diaphragm style pump.

Made in USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


5 stars due to fast shipping and overall quality and function. My Lycoming clone would not idle smoothly when hot due to excessive fuel heating until I added this Shroud. While the top is a perfect guage, the cylindrical barrel is about 3/32 -- way to thick, but OK if youre not too finicky about weight. As for fitting to my standard high pressure (fuel injection type ) pump--the small leak telltale hole is oblong and OK. The round fuel inlet and outlet holes are about 3/8 too high for high pressure pumps. Elongating them is easy with a good rotary burr. Also had to remove about 1/16 from the inside edge of the mounting ears. I also added a partial cover on the bottom to retain cool air on the bottom side, letting air exit on the bottom toward the engine. It would have been much easier to install and modify before mounting the engine!!

Ted L Verified Purchase


October 1, 2021

Does not fit on a Tempest AF-15473, the high pressure diaphram pump for fuel injected engines. It does almost fit. Requires some filing and grinding to fit over the pump, and then enlarge/move the holes for the fuel lines. Think of this as a kit from which to make yourself a cooling shroud. Do not expect to just take it out of the box and install it with your pump.

Stephen S
July 14, 2020

Damn shrouds dont fit, Im installing this on the fourth customers airplane and every time they dont fit! Go buy an aluminum carbide burr bit set and clean up the edges. If you are a DIY person: Harbor freight- Chief - CH2AC Or for the pro Mac tool - cb3nfs

Steve R
December 7, 2022


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Q: What size SCAT ducting does this shroud need?

This requires 1 inch ducting.

Q: What size hose does the shroud use?

This will use a 1" ID hose.

Q: Will this work with: LW15472 TEMPEST O/H FUEL PUMP

Yes as P/N# 05-19000 is LW15472 just overhauled.

Q: Is this fuel pump cooling shroud anodized aluminum?

It is raw aluminum.