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Sprl V2 On/Off Valve

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Part# 05-06468
MFR Model# SPRL V-2-P


The manufacturer of this valve was surprised to be asked to produce a simple ON/OFF valve; ON/OFF valves are, after all, available very cheaply. This ON/OFF valve has the same highly desired qualities as other products they offer: a distinctive, positive snap feel and the highest quality possible.

There are two entries and one exit which is tapped 1/4 inch NPT for your engine feed. The entry pipes are linked so cross feed will occur in flight and when selected ‘OFF.’ see 'in the box' for the fittings supplied.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • There are two entries and one exit which is tapped 1/4 inch NPT for your engine feed. The entry pipes are linked so cross feed will occur in flight and when selected ‘OFF.’


  • Weight 225 grams / 3.5 ounces
  • 45 mm x 50mm deep below the flange

In The Box

  • Supplied with two –6 AN male fittings and one plug


This is one of the nicest and well made parts I have gotten from AC Spruce.

Monte H
February 27, 2019

Just a line re this review. (5 * - I am biased) We get no leak reports elsewhere my guess is that Alan is over tightening the assembly, or maybe is using too much sealant and that can push the seal out of place. Replacement seals would have been supplied on request.

Robin V
April 4, 2018

I liked it a lot at first, nice billet construction. The weak point is the non-standard AN parts and O rings. Mine started leaking at 10 hours because of the O ring, I had a spare from the kit but when I replaced it, the sharp edges cut it also. Looking under accessories I don't see where i can buy the O rings so its junk.

Allan P
September 15, 2013


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Q: Regarding the SPRL V2 ON/OFF MALE VALVE:<br> 1. My entry fuel line is inline with the exit fuel line. From the photos, it appears the entry is on the side? I have little room so the line would have be able to come straight in. <br> 2. I have only one fuel line coming from a header tank. Can the second entry port be blocked off?

Correct, the entry port is on the side inline with another port. The exit port would be the port on the bottom. This valve will come with a plug so you are able to block off the second entry port.

Q: Part no. 05-06468 SPRL V2 ON/OFF Male Valve: Can the flange be separated from the body?

This unit is received in the box securely assembled although the instructions found inside the box indicates that the valve is loosely assembled.To take the unit apart, there is one screw located top/center that removes the switch and spring underneath. After that is removed, there are three additional screws that remove the plate from the valve firewall. There are two screws located at the bottom of the firewall that hold on the bottom cover. Instructions are included that explain how to take this unit apart.

Q: Can the entry and exit port be swapped around. i.e. inlet becomes outlet and outlet becomes inlet?

No, per the supplier, that is not possible.

Q: Can this valve be under pressure (45psi) for a fuel injected engine?

Per the manufacturer: We have not tested V2 to this pressure but I know it will carry at least 25 psi. We could test if needed. However I think that the valve is usually installed upstream of the pump so experiences 0 +/-- 2psi in service.

Q: Can an extension be added to this unit? I need 80 mm extended from my current location of installation point.

You would use part number 05-06501 and cut the tube to the proper length.

Q: What size diameter hole should be drilled for this SPRL V2 ON/OFF VALVE?

12.5 -13mm hole through the panel will be ok.

Q: If I block off one of the entry ports, can I then swap other entry port to be an exit port and the exit port be the entry. If not why not?

We believe so, but the markings on the plate would no longer be correct.

Q: Would like to clarify the position indications. There appears to be indents at 5 and 7 oclock. Is that the right and left tanks on positions? 3 and 9 positions are for off both tanks? 12 oclock is for on both tanks?

This only has four positions. 12 and 6 are on and 3 and 9 are off. The photo shows it in between positions so that the plate can be read.

Q: What is the dimension of the flange?

2.75 diameter and .135 inch thick.

Q: Will the 1/4 NPT threaded holes accept a standard male tapered pipe fitting or only the o-ring style?

They will accept standard 1/4npt fittings as well.