Remote Oil Thermostat Kit

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Part# 15-05849
MFR Model# 13521


Remote Oil Thermostat

Avoid problems associated with cold engine oil and excessive wear by installing an oil thermostat. An oil thermostat provides quick engine warm up in extreme cold climates yet will assure cooling when needed.

The remote oil thermostat has, fail safe features that are built in to help avoid all possible problems.
When oil temperature exceeds 180F the thermostatic valve closes, allowing 95% flow through the oil cooler. At temperatures below 180F the valve is open, with 90% of the oil bypassing the cooler. The remaining 10% of the oil flows through the cooler, maintaining constant system pressure, preventing air pockets and eliminating cold oil shock.
Flows up to 20 gallons per minute (GPM). Rated to 200 psi.
The valve is partially open when cold, to allow oil in cooler system to be pre-warmed or to avoid air pockets. When the valve is closed, it has a slight relief to make up for restrictions elsewhere in the system such as a stacked plate coil, a coil that is too small, or small restrictive oil lines. The thermostat begins to activate between 180F and 190F (82c and 88c). The valve closes and forces the oil through the oil cooler coil, thus cooling the oil. The oil cooler coil remains full of oil at all times, and avoids trapping air or foaming the oil.

Each pre-tested thermostat can handle flow rates up to 200 GPM (750 LPM), and pressure rates up to 200 psi. Valve has provision for wire attachment to firewall or fixed point.

Kit includes four fittings to fit 13mm i.d.hose and clamps.
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Buy the billett aluminum one for 200 bucks.

Jody C Verified Purchase


April 30, 2022

This provided an immediate fix the my oil overheat problem. Now, even on a steep climb out the oil temp remain stable at 220 or below. It only took an hour to replace the thermostat.

Kevin R
March 12, 2020


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Q: Will this fit and work for Rotax 912 UL2 engine?

Yes, this will work on all 9 series Rotax engines.

Q: What size are the ports for AN fittings that will fit 7/16 Id Hose?

This kit uses 1/2 NPT fittings 1/2 barb, the it also contains 13 mm(.511 inches)