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The AG6 is a full service Aircraft Annunciator, Fuel Gauge, Oil Level Gauge, Volt Meter & Current Meter.

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The annunciator will display many different aircraft warnings. All devices feature user programmable alarms. The AG6 utilizes a push-button LCD display that is backlight with a 3 color LED. All functions are fully programmable by the user. The push-button/display can be used for programming, acknowledging the alarms, and paging thru up to 16 different screens or "annunciator points". The AG6 can automatically scan thru each screen or it can be done manually using the push-button. The pilot has the ability to mask or unmask annoyance alarms.

NOTE: Input devices not included. It is up to the user to provide input devices such as fuel senders, shunts, oil level sensors and input switches to drive the AG6

Display can be easily mounted in the panel anywhere you can make a square hole. It is a snap to install ! Measures 1.25" wide by 1.0625" high by 1.375" deep, including bezel housing

Signal input/driver board mounts lower in the instrument panel for easier wiring. This permits a better location of inputs & connections in a crowded aircraft. Measures 2.25" wide by 2.5" high.

The 18" ribbon cable makes it easy to install and remove if necessary. Plugs are provided at both ends.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Full service annunciator (more than 70 alarm to choose from)
  • Volt & current meter with alarms
  • 10 types of fuel gauges with alarms
  • Low oil level gauge
  • Up to 6 inputs (5 if sound output is selected)
  • Set-up is fully user programmable
  • One button programming
  • Alarm time delays up to 409 seconds
  • Input signal filtering
  • Manual or auto scan for screens
  • Special shunt input
  • Audio output during alarm


Power in: 10 to 15Vdc
Current draw: 0.6mA max. (AG6 without LED back light) 65.6mA max. (AG6 with LED back light)
Inputs: 6 inputs (0 to 16.383 volts) (5 inputs available if sound output is utilized)
Input impedance: 36.6K Ohms (terminals 1 to 6)
Input terminals: Accepts 16 to 26AWG
Shunt input: 1 input, 0.05V to 0.25V full scale (If utilized, input #5 cannot be used.)
Display: LCD with LED back light (Green, Yellow, Red)
Interconnecting cable: 10 conductor ribbon, 18 [457mm] long
Panel cutout for display: 1.142in. x 0.933in. [.9mm x 23.7mm]
Panel thickness for display: 0.059in. to 0.157in. [1.5mm to 3.98mm]
Motherboard: 2.25 x 2.5 [57.2mm x 63.5mm] , Hole Pattern #6-32 screws, 2.0" x 2.25"[50.8mm x 57.15mm]
Alarms: All screens are programmable with alarms. Ability for pilot to mask annoyance alarms.
Adjustments: Volume & display contrast
Programmable items: Input source, input filtering, input inverted, auto scan screen dwell times, alarm thresholds, time in alarm zone before alarming (409 seconds max.), alarm self reset, scan or auto scan, number of alarm zones, screen colors, sound output, calibration gain & zero for gauges
Programmable screens: Many - many annunciator type screens, fuel gauges (several types), low oil level gauge, volt meter, current meter
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Q: Is the AE AG6 Annunciator & Gauge & Meter FAA STC'd?

The AE AG6 Annunciator & Gauge & Meter is not FAA STC'd.

Q: The installation manual doesnt list the screen definition numbers, which are required to program the AG6. Can you add them to the documents list?

The full list of possible displays has been added to the documents tab as "Available Screens," and the screen definition numbers are listed in the same location as "Screen Definitions".