Digital Flap Indicator

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Part# 10-00240
MFR Model# 6000-0050


Early-model Cessnas originally utilize older-style, wire- wound transmitters. These transmitters are located in the wing, where they are exposed to humidity and extreme temperatures. After many years in such harsh evironments, these transmitters become worn and corroded, causing them to fail or become intermittent. Owners have been plagued with high maintenance costs, difficulties obtaining replacement parts, as there are compatibility issues the various trasmitters and the gauges. The Visual Instruments Flap Indicator system provides a means for owners of these older aircraft to upgrade their troublesome indicators to a modern, more reliable design. The system includes a new transmitter, a modern digital display, and all parts necessary to perform the upgrade.

The new display incorporates a color LED bar graph. The appearance is similar to flap indications shown on modern glass cockpits. Positions of more than 10 flap are indicated in a different color. This allows for easy identification during an emergency procedure such as a balked landing (go-around).

The LEDs are very viewable from a wide angle. This is particularly useful since the indicator on many Cessna models is located on the right side of the panel. The display automatically adjusts to the ambient light for IFR or night operation. The Flap Indicator system includes all necessary parts and typically takes a mechanic approximately 2 hours to install. 2 year factory warranty. STCd for installation on early model Cessna 172s, 182s, 205s, 206s, & 210s.


  • Visual Instruments Inc. FAA /PMA
  • Model Number 6000
  • Part Number 6000-0050
  • S.T.C. SA00819SE
  • Type certificate part is eligible for installation:
    • Cessna 172F, 172G, 172H, 172I, 172K, 172L, 172M
    • Cessna 182E, 182F, 182G, 182H, 182J, 182K
    • Cessna 205, 205A, 210D, 210E, 210F, T210F
    • Cessna 206, P206, P206A, P206B TP206A, TP206B
    • Cessna TU206A, TU206B, U206, U206A, U206B

The Federal Aviation Administration awarded Visual Instruments STC#SA00819SE. This approval allows owners of certain model Cessna aircraft to replace older, troublesome Flap Position Indicators with our modern-style reliable gauge.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Cant say enough positive for the Digital Indicator team, mine is for a 210A, which is different, and requires a slight mod to the flap arm. They have been superhelpful in getting it installed and working.

Glen P Verified Purchase


October 10, 2023

Guajardo Y Verified Purchase


August 18, 2022

Jerry L Verified Purchase


February 19, 2022

After trying to find a used sender that would replace the one in the wing and finding the Cessna price to be in the $1200 range. The fact that the aircraft could have any one of the three different types of senders used over the years I decided to splurge. This gauge is very readable with its color coded ranges. The sender is not just an old auto type fuel gauge sender and it has a much better, more positive connection (not that little wire connected to the pulley in the wing). Had it installed in about one hour as the old gauge and sender were already out.

Jaffe L
December 27, 2018

Fast shipment, well packaged, easy to follow instructions. Everything was included for log book documentation. I`m always pleased with my purchases from Aircraft Spruce. Excellent customer service.

Larry E
August 5, 2018

Good design, simple hardware, easy installation. Much better than the original hardware.

Gateway F
May 18, 2018

Great idea, bad execution. The Flap Indicator signal circuit has a electronic ground loop. The aircraft has two different ground points in the circuit. With the Visual Instruments gauge, you get static when the flaps are in transit and more LEDs light up. Result is you cant tell where your flaps are at until you move the switch to neutral. Now in the 1960s when the OEM circuit was designed, this was not a problem. However LEDs are highly effected by interference. The solution is simple single point grounding. Did they not test this in a real airplane??? Fail!!

Larry B
October 26, 2019

The individual light bars started to fail. First the 3rd (last green) then the 4th (first yellow) I called the company and was told that there is no fix for this and I need a new unit. I purchased my plane with this unit and had no problems for the first 3 years. I am not sure what to do but feel that it’s a shame to replace the complete unit for a few indicator lights

Peter P
May 27, 2019

I love the idea - update to the digital age! Night visibility! Unfortunately, the unlit lights somehow pick up interference from the flap motor and light up while the flaps are in transit. Can't tell where your flaps are at until you move the switch to neutral. Manufacturer will not respond to emails or phone messages asking for help. For this price, shame on them!

Craig H
November 26, 2013


Please note,'s personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Is this item the full kit? With STC for upgrading the system? Sending unit and Indicator?

Yes, this unit comes with all the necessary parts and paperwork for installation.

Q: Is the entire instrument including text backlit or are just the LED segments illuminated?

Only the LED segments are illuminated.

Q: Does the digital flap indicator come with new up and down switch to replace old switch?

No, this is just the display and sending unit only.

Q: Is this item FAA STC approved?

Yes, it is. The STC is included in the box. It is STCd for Cessna 172'S, 182'S, 205'S, 206'S, 210D, 210E AND 210F.

Q: Does this digital flap indicator ship with the proper flap limitations for my plane (100mph all flap settings) or do they all say 110 for flaps 10?

Yes it will come with faceplates for both aircraft and direction for installation.