Electronics International Fl-2Ca Dual Fuel Level Gauge - Capacitive

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Part# 11-03788
MFR Model# FL-2CA


The FL-2 offers pilots digital fuel levels, with unprecedented accuracy, for dual fuel tanks. Not only does the FL-2 display each tank digitally, it also provides 90′ graphical arcs for immediate, quick reference of each tank’s level. The FL-2CA is compatible with capacitive probes.

The FL-2 is not STC’d for installation in a certified aircraft.
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Analog Display
210 Degree, analog arc with green, yellow and red LED’s.

Digital Display
Large, crisp, LCD display with adjustable backlighting for night operations.

Fuel Slosh Stabilization
When in flight, fuel will slosh around in the aircraft fuel tanks, creating irritating readings that constantly jump around. The FL-2 has a Fuel Slosh Stabilization calibration point that averages fuel level readings, creating a much more stable, but still extremely accurate fuel reading. Calibrate between a couple of seconds all the way up to over a minute of fuel slosh averaging.

9 Calibration Points
The FL-2 allows installers to program from as little as two all the way up to nine fuel level calibration points in the fuel tank. This flexibility eliminates inaccuracies due to non-linear fuel tanks.Easy Programming Interface
The FL-2 is a simple instrument to install and program. Clear step-by-step instructions make programming the instrument easy to calibrate to your fuel tank senders.

Selectable Units
The pilot can easily select between displaying fuel level in Liters, Gallons or Lbs with a switch on the front of the instrument panel.


Dimensions: 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 3.65″ Depth, 2.25″ Bezel

Analog Display: Two sets of 7 High Intensity Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in 90 degree arcs with Intensity Control Line available for dimming. Sequential flash test on power up.

Power Requirements: 7.5 to 35 volts, 1/10 Amp.

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  • Instrument
  • Wire Harness
  • Installation and Operating Instructions.
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Q: Will the EI FL-2CA operate off of the same type sending units in the tank?

This depends on what type of probes you have in the tank. This gauge is designed to work with capacitive probes and not resistive probes.

Q: Are the fuel probes included or must they be purchased separately? if so which ones are recommended.

No, the probes are not included with this instrument. The EI P-300C capacitive fuel probes should be utilized, our PN 10-00382.