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Part# 11-03882
MFR Model# RG-35AXC


RG-35AXC has the highest cranking power and capacity in the 35 Group.

Recombinant Gas - The RG® Series are low resistance, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries.

  • Superior starting power
  • Reliable essential power in the event of a generator failure
  • Low impedance design
  • Maintenance free
  • Constructed with non removable vent valves - no addition of electrolyte or water required
  • Aerobatic: Non spillable at any altitude or attitude
  • Factory tested to assure airworthiness
  • Shipped fully charged and ready to install
  • Manufactured with absorbed glass mat separators (AGM)
  • RG® Series batteries ship Hazmat Exempt

NOTE: This aircraft battery is not designed or intended for turbine aircraft engine starting applications. Warranty coverage applies to reciprocating aircraft engine starting, and standby / essential power installations.

*NOTE* - The STC for some aircraft is available at an additional cost please call 877-4-SPRUCE (777823) if applicable to your aircraft.

Battery Type
Ampere Hours
Max. Weight
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Extra Cranking
32 lbs.
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Great service.

Kris M
October 16, 2020

Concord batteries are top quality, long life and great performance. Wouldnt trust any other brand in my aircraft.

Ken N
October 12, 2020

Easier starts with extra cranking power. Dropped right into my Debonair with no troubles.

October 12, 2020

It appears to have done the trick. It fits in the plane as expected and appears to have good cranking power, time will tell.

Ted C
October 12, 2020

Ordering was easy, it arrived in perfect condition within a couple of days and replaced the same battery, which showed no sign of any corrosion after 3.5 years. Replacing the battery was proactive maintenance, not a requirement.

Mark D
October 9, 2020

Aircraft Spruce delivered the battery on time as promised and it was exactly as i ordfered ande per4formed perfectly.

Charles F
October 7, 2020

Best investment / addition Ive purchased for the plane. After 3 of the other Batterys in 3 years the swap to the Concorde was a very pleasant experience. HIGHLY recommend!!

John W
October 7, 2020

This is the third Concorde RG-35AXC in 13 years of ownership. :: the first was in the airplane when I bought it. :: The second I installed in September, 2011, and consistently used the bespoke desulfating BatteryMinder by VDC Electronics -- except that sometimes when in for maintenance my request to keep the charger hooked up was forgotten. Maintence is *hard* on batteries because the master switch goes on and off many times through the days or weeks, and this, without recharging, causes loss of capacity and sulfation. Finally, in August, a mechanic failed to start the engine properly after maintenance and ran the starter until the battery was flat. Despite the BatteryMinder, the battery had lost so much capacity that the starter labored to turn the engine. So... 2 after 2 weeks short of 9 years of service, I replaced the battery. It was 5 weeks past manufacture, so I put it on the BatteryMinder before I put a load on it. The engine turns over just fine... I expect good service from this one as well.

September 14, 2020


Bob Q
September 11, 2020

I have been using Concord batteries since 2001 when I bought my first airplane I believe they are better than the other major brand and I get at least 6 years service from them. Aircraft Spruce delivered the battery quickly after my order and shipping was included in the price which was very reasonable.

Bruce R
September 8, 2020


Q: Is this battery a drop-in replacement for my current Gill battery in my 182? Or will I be required to: 1) purchase a volt meter to determine if it is charged. 2) get a torque wrench that measures inch pounds to ensure the terminals are not over torqued. 3) have an a&p ia do the paperwork to approve the install 4) modify the battery box lid so it closes properly 5) get a special trickle charger that works specifically for this battery. As an owner, I just want to replace the battery and go fly. Regards, Greg

Yes, this is a drop in replacement for this aircraft. 1) We maintain the charge in the batteries while they are in stock. A volt meter is a good way to determine present state of charge. 2) Please do pay special attention to avoid over-torquing. Torque information comes with the battery. 3) You need to contact the local FSDO for this question. per the manufacturer, we have an STC and PMA. The STC is available at no charge. Per Concorde, they just need the information sheet completed and they can can email for free. 4) Some installations do require modification of the battery box cover. This is covered in the STC. 5) We only recommend the BatteryMINDers listed under the "Accessories" tab of this web page

Q: Will it hurt this battery to trickle charge it? RG-35AXC

No, trickle charging this battery should cause any harm to the battery.

Q: I just purchased a Concorde RG-35 AXC battery. In the Q&A section, it says an STC is available at no charge. How do I go about obtaining the STC?

There is a form that is available in the "Documents" tab. It is the first one listed. Please download it, fill it out, and send it to Concorde and they will send the STC at no charge.

Q: What is the CCA rating of this RG-35AXC battery?

The cold crank amps rating is 440.0.

Q: I've had the RG-35AXC for about2 1/2 years now and haven't been flying to much lately, plane has been sitting for almost a year.. I try to go out and start and run the engine once a week or so. The temps here in Miami and rather high, I mean HOT. anyway the battery appears to be really low and won't turn over the engine. What is the best way to charge it back up...right now I'm using a slow 2amp charge or should I boost that up higher???

Concorde recommends the battery minder part number 11-07739 for charging, this is an 8 amp charger.

Q: Are the Concorde RG-35A and the RG-35AXC batteries the same physical size?

Yes, they are the same size.

Q: Is the RG-35AXC a drop-in replacement for the Concord RG-35?

Yes, the application is the same for both RG-35A and the RG-35AXC. The XC model is extra cranking and provides the highest cranking power and capacity in the 35 line. It is commonly used in cold weather applications.

Q: What are the dimensions of this RG-35AXC battery? I want to make sure it fits in my battery box.

Please see the link for the "Download RG-35AXC Diagram" in the 'Overview' tab of the web page. The dimensional drawing is included in the PDF.

Q: What is the CCa of the RG-35axc?

The cold crank amps rating is 440.0.

Q: Will the RG-35AXC fit my PA-28-180?

Yes, per the application chart, the RG-35AXC should be the correct battery for your aircraft.