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Part# 11-17945
MFR Model# BP-1010


The BP-1010 can be used on the NARCO ELT 10 only. For NARCO ELT 910 batteries please contact NARCO as they must re-certify the unit.

Model # 00-10-009

Approved for Canadian use.
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It worked, thats all I wanted

Charles M
April 20, 2021

In stock and fast delivery.

Bill W
April 14, 2021

As advertised and delivered right on time. Aircraft Spruce has had nearly everything I have needed to maintain my airplane. Thanks again!

Ron P
April 13, 2021


Ken D
April 8, 2021

Im just glad its still stocked for my old Narco ELT. Dont order it too early...the expiration month is likely the month you ordered it...or the month before.

Duffy F
April 1, 2021

Product as expected. Quick delivery.

Tom M
February 15, 2021

Quick delivery. Fresh battery.

Bob J
December 26, 2020

Great! And the delivery was a lot sooner than expected.

December 7, 2020

Thanks, always excellent service!

Have T
December 4, 2020

Received promptly. Easily installed. Tested A-Okay.

Charles C
November 25, 2020


Q: Does the free shipping on batteries apply to ELT batteries? I need a MERL BP-1010 part # 11-17945.

No, the free ground shipping on batteries promotion does not apply to ELT batteries. It only applies to aircraft batteries such as certain model Gill, Concorde, or Oddysey.

Q: Do you sell the bracket for the ELT battery part number 11-17945?

No, we do not. Parts for older 121.5 ELTs are getting hard to come by.

Q: What is the life of this Merl BP-1010 battery?

This battery pack has a 2 year life.

Q: Is the Merl BP-1010 battery pack FAA Approved?

Yes, this battery is FAA approved for the Narco ELT 10.

Q: If Oct 17 is the expiration date stamped on the battery, is it good until the end of October?

No, we recommend replacing the battery on the 1st of the expiration month. In the example above, October 1st.

Q: Is the Merl BP-1010 battery pack TSOd?

Yes, this is TSO approved.

Q: Narco elt 10 battery: The manufacturer date stamped on my battery is 10-16 but was installed 2-17 would the 24 calendar month run out from when it was manufactured or when it was put into service?

2 years from date of manufacture.

Q: If the battery has a 2-year life, doesnt that mean I have to replace it after 1 year per 14 CFR Part 91.207? Thanks in advance.

Yes, that is correct.