Sigmatek 3-1/8 True Airspeed 40-210 Knt / 40-240 mph Lit

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Part# 10-05161
MFR Model# EA5175PTL


These true speed indicators are differential pressure indicators that measure the difference between static and total pressure produced by ram air from the pitot. The indicated airspeed can be corrected for changes in altitude by turning the knob to align the outside air temperature with the altitude. The moveable airspeed scale will then show the actual, or true, airspeed.
  • Model No.: EA5175-( )PTL
  • Lighted
  • MPH: 40-250
  • Knots: 40-200
Note: Lighted Instruments do not include lamp trays, see accessories.



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Q: Can I order a TAS indicator with specific color coded airspeeds?

Yes, add part number 10-04961 to your order for custom range markings to be added to this instrument.