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Anti-Splat Vans RV Rudder Pedal Extensions

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These very high-quality parts add considerable structure, feel and comfort to the Vans Rudder pedals. These also correct the ergonomics and interaction of the brake pedals and rudder pedals, thus eliminating the tendency to land with some brake pressure applied or get to your destination with cramping ankles. This is a very common issue and this accessory can potentially pay for itself in tire wear alone. Pedals measure 4.5 X 1.5 X .75, are very light, 5 oz. each, feature simple and easy installation with only one bolt, and are very inexpensive as well.
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Luis S Verified Purchase


March 1, 2022

I installed these on my RV-8A and think they are great. As a short guy with the pedals all the way back I did stretch a bit for full pedal extension in flight. With these I no longer stretch and as an added bonus I think they ensure you do not accidentally drag the brakes during taxiing. Been flying my plane for 8 years and wish I had installed them when they first came out. As with all the Anti-Spalt products I have ordered they make a material difference for the better.

Tim F
December 16, 2019


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Q: Is 1 required for each pedal or 1 kit for each pilot position. for example if we want a complete set for an RV-9 do we need 2 or 4 kits

You would want one kit per seat/set of pedals. These are two extensions per box.

Q: Will these work on a RV-12?

No this will not work with an RV12.