+$250 Core Exchange Charge
Part# 08-13728
MFR Model# 6350OE
DescriptionReplaces OEM ModelPN
POWERUP 6350 O/H MAGNETO635008-13728


NOTE: Core charge added to cart once overhauled magneto is added to cart. Please remove drive gears before returning Magneto cores for "Core Credit."

Quality and Value are back together again.

Utilizing over 35 years of manufacturing FAA/PMA replacement magneto parts, PowerUp is proud to introduce an ALL NEW direct magneto replacement for general aviation. Performance improvements including coil, capacitor, breaker points, and impulse coupling make the PowerUp magneto the superior quality option for General Aviation.

PowerUp Aircraft Ignition Systems magneto series with both non-impulse and impulse coupled units, with both 4 and 6 cylinder. Complete line of PMA replacement parts, overhaul, and 500 hour inspection capabilities.

Aircraft Magneto Overhauls for Slick, Bendix, & Continental (CMI FMR. TCM) Magnetos

Surpassing Your Highest Expectations for Aircraft Mag Inspections & Overhaul Service.

PowerUp overhauled magnetos use the best of serviceable parts and new parts which results in a magneto of OEM quality at an overhauled price. PowerUp has the industries greatest supply of high quality Bendix dual magneto cores. Our inspection criteria is demanding and we only use the best of serviceable parts. If a part does not pass the inspection criteria, then PowerUp replaces the unservicable part with a new replacement part. When delivered to our customers to be installed on your airplane’s engine, the PowerUp overhauled mag looks like new and will operate like new.

Drive gears are not included.

6300 series is a direct replacement for previous 6200 series Magnetos.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Application Guide

* Applications listed in the charts below are the most common. For additional application information please see the complete application pdf above.
  Complete Harness      
(2 Mags)
Application Mag- neto* Rotation & Impulse Sparkplug Connector
(See Note)
Continental C125***, C145 0-300 6364 L.H. w/ Impulse M2932 5/8/2024
M2935 3/4/2020
Continental GO-300 6367 R.H. w/ Impulse M2938 5/8/2024
--- 3/4/2020
Continental 0-470 (All) 6362 or 6382 R.H. w/ Impulse M1878 5/8/2024
M1480 3/4/2020
Continental TSIO-470, IO-520 6362 or 6382 R.H. w/ Impulse M1878 5/8/2024
M1480 3/4/2020
Continental 6362 or 6382 R.H. w/ Impulse M1878 5/8/2024
IO-470 (All) 680 Series M1480 3/4/2020
    M1990 3/4/2020
6300 Series Replaces 6210 & 6262 magnetos.
Includes new improved case & bearings.
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Product is working fine so far. No issues

Russell P
September 17, 2020

Installation was successful. Run up indicated 100 mag drop both left and right. So far everything is working fine.

Russ P
September 15, 2020

Thank you Carolyn Leon for fixing my problem. Great job.

Tom S
August 31, 2019

At first, we didnt know if a core was available, but Aircraft Spruce, found one and delivered! Just installed and mags are as if they were new. Will be sending cores back today. thanks again

Bruce F
April 8, 2019

Ordered a pair for a Lycoming. Once came with the impulse coupling so was super simple to pin it for timing & install. I second the comment about being cheaper than overhaul. Cost for the overhaul kit is $700 with no labor!

Flyboyz A
September 22, 2018

Great product and cheaper for my clients for me to buy overhauled than for me to overhaul and pay for parts.

Top F
August 23, 2018

Should have included the screws to attach the harness to the mag, either with the harness or the mag. I would like to recognize and thank both Amy and Bernadette for their assistance in finally getting the second mag. They are two outstanding employees and excellent representatives of Aircraft Spruce.

Henry G
April 3, 2021

For the price of the mag, a gasket should be included. Also, for those changing from another style mag, you might offer an installation kit for an additional cost. (Hardware). Still waiting for a second magneto.

H. G
February 25, 2021


Please note,'s personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: I need a set of 6364 slick mags for a Contential 0-300D. I see the 6364R in your list of overhauled slick mags. Dose the R stand for the right Mag and do you have a left overhauled 6364 Slick Mag?

The R stands for rebuilt. We have a new 6364 magneto under part # 08-06364, or the overhauled 6364 under part # 08-13735.

Q: What paper work comes with these Kelly Overhauled 6300 series slick magnetos? Does it state overhauled or repaired and serviceable?

Domestic 8130-3 in the box and it says overhauled.

Q: Does the Kelly overhauled 6364 mag come with an impulse coupling?

Yes, this will come with an impulse coupling.

Q: Can I return a Bendix mag as a core for an overhauled Slick mag?

Yes, although full core credit will not be issued. Contact sales for details of core credit requirements.

Q: Can I use Lasar mags as cores?

No, Lasar mags are not accepted as cores.

Q: Do these overhaul mags come with a new coil and condenser?

They use a good used serviceable Coil and capacitor at the time of overhaul, If we do not have any available at time of overhaul then we put new in.

Q: Do I need to send my old magnetos to buy a overhauled one? I would like to buy two OH ,but I am in Brazil and is to expansive to send the cores.

Yes, a core charge will be added along with the overhauled item. The core charge is refunded once we receive the old magnetos back.

Q: Is there a warranty with the rebuilt magnetos?

ONE YEAR ON ALL NEW COMPONENTS and SIX MONTHS ON ALL OVERHAULED COMPONENTS. The warranty period begins (unless otherwise noted) from the date of installation into the aircraft.

Q: Would 6320 mags be an acceptable core for 6310 mags?

Yes that should be a good core.

Q: Which gasket should you use on the 6355 & 6350?

It depends on the engine. 08-00285 for Lycoming and 05-11920 for TCM.