Part# 10-01178
MFR Model# 100412-000
AMPS Shunt


Dynon Avionics engine sensors, harnesses & packages.
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Just what I needed. Contained the whole unit (probe, clamp, wires with connectors).

Michael B
March 15, 2021

Great unit easy to install. extra pins include in case you mess up.

December 21, 2020

If your Dynon PFD shows a RED X before start up on the CHT , replace the sensor. ACS had plenty in stock simple replacement and the fixed the temp. display prob.

Mark C
September 29, 2020

Great problems!

Mike B
July 28, 2020

as ordered came right even came with crush gasket which I did not expect from the catalog posting. I suggest you include that in the catalog info. I have never had a complaint with AS

Francis P
July 14, 2020

I was going to by this egt sensor from Dynon but the shipping was almost as much as the item. I thank you for using reasonable shipping practices and keeping it affordable.

Tom G
August 27, 2019

Excellent product for the prince. Seems to be more reliable than the first generation.

René L
May 23, 2018

I needed to install a permanent temperature sensor in my engine compartment to monitor temperatures near the fuel system. I had experienced fuel vaporization due to high temperatures. The Dynon Carb Air sensor was perfect for doing this. The range of temperatures is exactly what I needed. The sensor connected to the Dynon and the set up menu allows for you to select the exact sensor and provide a Custom display name. I wanted something that I could install and have the Dynon Skyview display. Fast installation and easy programing.

James P
September 16, 2017

Probes look and work well… until they fail. Been through a full set and a half of probes and the typical failure mode is open circuit. Don’t know who Dynon supplier is but the epoxy seal breaks down within 50 hours of operation. Poor endurance quality.

February 24, 2023

Replacement Dynon ammeter shunt. Beware that these are plastic and crack easily. DO NOT over tighten the bolts. This is my third shunt. I wish the shunt had some protective casing. If something metal came loose and spanned the ammeter to the firewall or engine, it would draw 60A and start a fire.

David H
March 16, 2020


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Q: Does the oil pressure sensor (10-04823) come with wire leads? I see on the Kavlico site that the sensors can come with either a connector only or can include a connector with 18 leads.

As supplied by Dynon Avionics, this (and all other "Kavlico" sensors) do come with a connector and wires.

Q: Is the part # 10-01168 thermocouple wire sold by the foot?

Yes, part # 10-01168 is sold by the foot.

Q: Is the part number 10-01171 a Kavlico product? Trying to determine if it will fit.

This probe is directly from Dynon.

Q: Is the EGT probe part # 10-01169 one probe or 4 (L4C) for the price?

Part # 10-01169 is priced and sold individually.

Q: What is included with EGT/CHT 4 Cylinder 6ft. (10-01179)? Is it just the wire? Probes? Hose clamps for EGT?

This is a pinned out connector harness with thermocouple wires inserted in the connector. No probes are included.

Q: Does P/N 10-01847 EGT 2 come with the probe? If not, what is the part no for the egt probe and harness?

No, p/n:10-01847 is just the harness. For the probe you can view p/n: 10-01844.

Q: Which product is a Dynon single EGT probe with hose clamp? I cant tell from descriptions. One looks like clamp only. The other looks like wire only.

This is the sender with a clamp.

Q: What is the tip diameter for EGT #10-01844?

It is 0.1 inch.

Q: Hi, How long are the wires on Dynon 10-01169 and 10-01170? If extension wire is required (sold by the foot) 10-01167 and/or 10-01168, does it come bare wire and we have to supply connectors? If so do you have part numbers for required connectors to fit 01169 and 01170?

Probe wire length is 24 inches, the EGT/CHT harness from the skyview is 6 feet.