Part# 10-02252
MFR Model# ALTN10MBF-3
Gauge SizeModel No.Part No.Range
3-1/8"ALTN10MBF-310-0225210,000 ft, Millibars


Falcon light weight altimeters feature a non-sensitive altimeter on a 3-1/8", single pointer, and a barometric window. A setting knob allows the pilot to set the barometric reading to the correct field elevation or barometric pressure setting. They are weight conservative, economical, yet very precision and accurate instruments that provide excellent altitude measuring capabilities; designed for ultra-light airplanes. 3-1/8" is non-sensitive. Standard Types are either feet reading with barometric window inches of mercury or millibars reading; or meters reading with barometric window millibars reading.

Length: 2-3/8". Weight: 10.7 oz

Made in China
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Part No. 10-05100

Part No. 12-03422

Part No. 12-02251

Part No. 12-02252



Trygve A Verified Purchase


August 22, 2023


Trygve A Verified Purchase


August 22, 2023

I purchased this altimeter from Aircraft Spruce. The order was executed in a timely manner by retailer, and I give 5 stars rating to Aircraft Spruce. However the instrument came with no instructions. It has a hard plastic connector at the back, with no instructions on how the static tube is to be connected. And the connection is not even intuitive. It requires a special adapter which was not supplied. I dont even know what adapter to order. Many home-builders are not professional mechanics. A one page instruction sheet giving some basics of how to set up the instrument is an absolute minimum for any unit for which I pay $ 215.00. So The manufacturer gets 1 star rating.

August 24, 2018


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Q: Does the gauge 10-03422 have built in lighting?

No, this gauge does not have built in lighting. To add this you will have to buy a lighting ring for this like the UMA or Nulite.

Q: Do these Falcon altimeters require a static port?

Yes, these mechanical altimeters require a static source. This can be built into a pitot tube or onto the fuselage of the aircraft but varies from airplane to airplane.

Q: Do these altimeters have a sealed case?

It is pressure sensitive instrument and cannot leak.