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Proflight CFI Flyer Single Engine Training Model

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Part# 13-10442


The CFI-Flyer is an instructional model for CFI's and Ground Instructors. Made from a renewable resource, your wooden CFI-Flyer will provide years of service, giving you the ability to demonstrate control surface input to flight regime outcome. It has fully moveable control surfaces and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Featuring two separate wind styles, it can be modelled as either a single or twin engine aircraft.


If youre a flight instructor, you need an airplane model with moveable control surfaces. This is a very affordable model that was quickly shipped and carefully packed to protect from the vagaries of the delivery process. One of the best things was when I asked about getting a repair part, I received a response the same day that was exactly what I needed.

Bruce M
May 11, 2018

Excellent materials and good printing on the different surfaces. The wing attachment point is a tad too tight, and instructions came in the package to take a razor knife to that point to repair. Overall, this was bought to start introducing my five year old daughter to flight, and its the best thing out there. We will add some detail to make it more kid friendly, and the clean surfaces provide plenty of space to do just that.

John B
November 3, 2017

Very nice tool for CFI’s. Instructions can be clearer with simple pictures on how and where to apply the aluminum foil tape. The high wing model could use a strut to strengthen the model

Allen A
November 3, 2020

This was easy to assemble. The amount of foil tape was a bit skimpy for making both planes (single & twin engine), but this can be managed. The instructions were sufficient though barely.

Mark F
October 28, 2018


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Q: What is the size of the PROFLIGHT CFI FLYER SINGLE ENGINE TRAINING MODEL? Part # 13-10442

The length nose to tail is approximately 12". The wingspan is approximately 16-1/2".

Q: Two questions: Does it come with the single engine and the multi-engine wings? What is made of?

It does come with both wings and its made out of laminated cardboard/paper product.