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Trifold With Pocket Kneeboard

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Kneeboard is made from highly durable and water resistant nylon.
  • Compact kneeboard made with the small cockpit in mind
  • One pocket on the front, two pockets on the left, two pencil holders, and a plastic pocket on the right
  • An elastic band to hold a flight computer and a plastic clipboard in the center
  • When closed, the kneeboard is held together with velcro fasteners
  • Fastened to the leg using an adjustable elastic strap complete with buckle and quick release clip


  • Small Dimensions: 5 x 8 when closed, 14 x 8 when open
  • Large Dimensions: 7 x 9 when closed, 20 x 9 when open
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I like that it uses a buckle, my prior was velcro and elastic, the velcro died and elastic was shot. This is shorter than my original. The map windows are a tight squeeze for a perfectly folder chart. The elastic e6b straps are useless, who carries their e6b anymore? I like the pockets one the front and the velcro for folding is closed. I wish there was a zipper pocket. The strap is about 1.5 inches and that feels a bit narrow on my leg and I have found (after 10 hours flying with this) that I have to move it as it constricts. Loosening allows it to rotate around my thigh. But I absolutely wanted the buckle strap so this is better than those elastic ones. The clipboard is a generic office supply store model. I will make my own insert for it, but I have to cut about half an inch off the bottom so it fits more cleanly into the kneeboard fabric. 3 start because the clipboard is too long, the strap too narrow and no zippers so things can fall out. But it does have a buckle and pockets and is not too intrusive otherwise.

Gary P
September 15, 2019


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