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Part# 15144
MFR Model# 15144


Simple 'L' shaped, aluminium pitot heads available either as pitot only or pitot static, both have flange mounting to aid underwing fitting. #15144
Made in USA


At last - a simple, inexpensive, good-quality pitot-static head for homebuilts! Thank you AC-S!

Dennis K
June 20, 2020

Good quality, works well for my application.

James G
September 21, 2019

The combined pitot-static looks just like the photo and appears that it should work fine for its intended application, but purchasers should beware that the welds are fairly ugly. They're fairly large, not symmetrical, and the heat-affected zone wasn't cleaned up. One of the welds is fairly close (1/4 behind) the single static port hole. Again, the port should work just fine, but I was expected a better fit and finish - every time I look at it, I want to grind the weld off and redo it (saving that effort was the entire point of buying this assembly). It'd be nice if they offered an option of buying the parts (two bent tubes, endcap, baseplate) unassembled, so that end users could put them together in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. For a low-stress application like this, I'm pretty sure the tubes could be held in place in the baseplate using industrial adhesive, and there was probably no need at all for the two tubes to be welded together at the bottom.

September 11, 2014


Q: Questions on PITOT-STATIC TUBE #15144: Is the distance from the flange mount to the L adjustable or fixed? What is the max airspeed for the unit?

The distance from the flange mount to the L is fixed. The vendor has no record of any max airspeed data. It is an experimental part intended for small general aviation aircraft. No record of any failures due to airspeed.

Q: What size is this pitot / static tube #15144? I need to know what size it is in order to connect to my nylon tubing.

This pitot tube is 1/4" OD.

Q: Can two air speed indicators be run from one pitot tube? I want to use a back up mechanical UMA to go with my GRT Avionics Sport EFIS.

Yes, two airspeed indicators can be run from one pitot tube. Please consult with your mechanic for correct installation.

Q: Do you know what the tubing Inner Dimension for the 15144 Pitot Static Tube? Just curious if you know what the alloy is?

The 15144 Pitot Static Tube is a 6060-T6 1/4in .035in wall alloy tube. It has an Inner Dimension of .180 in.

Q: Regarding the Pitot static tube 15144: What is the mounting footprint/hole size and spacing/dimensions for this item?

The four mounting holes are drilled and countersunk to use 1/8" diameter AN426 100* flush head rivets. The mounting holes are 1.1" center hole diameter.

Q: For the Pitot-Static Tube, what is the distance between the mounting flange and the elbow? That is, how far below the wing does this extend?

The distance between the mounting flange and the elbow is 7 inches.

Q: Do you sell a pitot tube cover which fit pitot-static tube #15144?

Yes, please see universal pitot tube cover part number 13-05610.