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STC'd Seat Belts And Shoulder Harnesses - For Cessna

From $17.00 to $1779.00
Description Part No. Price Buy
Cessna STC, C100-114IR, Front Inertial Reel, Kit (pilot/copilot)
Cessna STC, C100-114FS, Front Fix Strap, Kit (pilot/copilot)
Cessna 100/177/200 OEM Replacement Front, Fixed Strap
(Per Seat)
Cessna 100/177/200 OEM Replacement/Upgrade Inertial Reel
(Per Seat)
Cessna 177A/177B Minor Change Kit for 3-PT Front Seat (One)
Cessna Replacement Rear Lap Belt (Per Seat)
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Cessna STC Shoulder Harness Kits
Cessna Shoulder Harness Kits
  • Complete New Belt Assemblies - Shoulder & Lap Belts for 2 Seats - Pilot & Co-Pilot
  • All Required Hardware
  • Instruction Manual
  • Supplemental Type Certificate
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Cessna 200 Series
  • Shoulder Harnesses can be added to Cessna 200 series aircraft that do not currently have factory installed attachment points. See “Minor Change Kits below”
Cessna 177 / 177A Series
  • Shoulder Harnesses can be added to Cessna 177 and 177A aircraft that do not currently have factory installed attachment points
Minor Change Installations
  • Cardinal 177, 177A and Cessna 200 Series aircraft can add 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness for the pilot & co-pilot positions by the incorporation of a "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit. This kit includes the necessary hardware items and instructions to complete the installation using an existing air-frame nut plate as the anchor point. The installation of 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness assemblies, using the "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit, will require a log book entry by an A&P. This is hardware only. The restraint Assemblies (Shoulder Harness and New Lap Belt) need to be purchased separately.
Cessna 177B / 177RG or Cessna 200 Series with existing attachment points
  • With existing factory installed equipment, or a previous minor change installation; the Minor Change Kit will not be required; the aircraft will have existing attachment points that the MC Kit would be creating.


Littleton B
January 22, 2018

Littleton B
January 22, 2018


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Q: 05-03132: Does this part number include a complete set pilot and co pilot lap and single shoulder belts? Also how do you choose the color?

Our website will give you the option of which color you would like once you proceed to check out. This part number would only come with one belt. As for which seat it would go to, it is interchangeable so you can use this seat belt for either the pilot or t he co-pilot side.

Q: What exactly does the kit part number 05-03131?

2 (two) single diagonal inertial reel equipped shoulder harnesses - pilot and co-pilot position
2 (two) inertial reel covers
2 (two) lap belts with new buckle and end fittings - pilot and co-pilot position
All required hardware for 2 front seats
Detailed installation manual with drawings
8130-3 airworthiness certificate
Supplemental Type Certificate
STC Authorization