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Mooney M20 A-K Replacement Shoulder And Lap Belt / Upgrade By Minor Change

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3-Point System "Minor Change Kit" M20 A-G
(Includes the Required Hardware for one Pilot Position)
Mooney Replacement Rear Lap Belt (Sold as Each)
Mooney M20 Replacement Front Fixed Strap (Sold as Each)
Mooney M20 Inertial Reel Upgrade Front Inertial Reel (Sold as Each)
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A Replacement for an existing shoulder harness & lap belt An Upgrade from a fixed strap restraint to an inertial reel restraint.

An Upgrade to add a shoulder harness in a Mooney that does not have a harness or attachment point - using our Minor Change Kit.

All Restraints are AmSafe FAA / PMA and meet current TSO Standards
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Mooney Shoulder Harness Installation
  • 3 Point Diagonal Systems
  • M20, A, B, C, D, E, F, G 3 Point Diagonal Harness Installation
  • M20J Replacement Seat Belts
  • Complete New Belt Assemblies - Shoulder and Lap Belts


Minor Change Kits
  • Mooney M20A thru G, early J aircraft can add 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness for the pilot & co-pilot positions by the incorporation of a "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit. This kit includes the necessary hardware items and instructions to complete the installation of attachment points. The installation of 3-Point Diagonal Shoulder Harness assemblies using the "MINOR CHANGE" Installation Kit, will require a log book entry by an A&P. This is hardware only. The restraint Assemblies (Shoulder Harness and New Lap Belt) need to be purchased separately.
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I installed the inertial reel harnesses in both front seat positions of my 77 M20J. The comfort is superb and no more loosening of the shoulder strap to close the door, switch tanks, or reach something on the right side of the panel. I will be installing another set in the rear seat positions.

February 15, 2019

I ordered a set directly from the manufacturer and I am very happy with these. I had only lap belts in my 1978 M20J and upgraded to lap and shoulder harness in the front. Unfortunately they are not offered for the rear seats. The newer belts with the newer push button release gave a newer more contemporary look to my plane which sports a newer cleaner interior. The newer belts added that final touch while also increasing safety.

Steve C
July 25, 2013


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Q: Is the Mooney M20 Inertial Reel Upgrade Front Inertial Reel (part no. 05-06891) for one seat or for two?

Part # 05-06891 is priced and sold per seat. Quantity one will be for one seat.

Q: Is the buckle on these seat belts made of plastic or metal?

The buckle is made out of plastic.

Q: Part # 05-06890: Is there a difference between pilot(left) and copilot(right)?

The pilot and copilot are interchangeable so that means the left and right are going to be the same.

Q: Can you purchase only a replacement pilot/co-pilot lap belt with the anchor for the shoulder belt?

This part number is just for the hardware. 05-06890 is the part number for a fixed belt and 05-06891 is the part number for the inertia reel.

Q: Does part no. 05-06891 include a replacement inertial reel? Can part no. 05-06890 be installed with an existing inertial reel?

Part # 05-06891 does come with an inertia reel. Part # 05-06890 is a fixed belt and cannot be used with an inertia reel.