Beechcraft Be-36 Ashby Glareshield

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Glareshield with PlenumWith Optional 12V LightsWith Optional 24V Lights


Aircraft Type: Beechcraft BE-36
Fits Models: 1971-1983 (Includes Plenum.)
Part #F33

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The fiberglass glareshield from Bruce (A36, F33A, V35B, etc) is nice enough.. It is a big improvement over the moulded plastic variety original from Beech. It is very sturdy and has a nice flat black finish. I would give it 5 stars except for the following: While the flat black finish is nice, it does need to be covered with some other material which you will need to do yourself, such as Naugahyde, Alcantara, etc.. A double stitched seam at the top corner facing the pilot is needed to successfully stretch around the corner. There are numerous surface imperfections such as small bumps that need to be sanded off. All corners are sharp and need to be sanded to a nice radius. Otherwise damage to interior trim pieces may result from the sharp corners. The defroster slots are too narrow (much narrower the the original Beech part), and been to be opened up by at least 1/4}”. Strangely, you can order it with a plenum, or with flood lights, but not both. I chose to not reinstall my original flood lights as most everything in my panel is internally lit. The underside is unfinished and if you choose to not reinstall the original L&R eyebrow pieces the unfinished fiberglass will show. All in all a very nice glareshield, but a little extra work is required to yield a very nice part.

May 18, 2020


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Q: What kind of lights are available on this? Are they just a map style red panel light?

White in color. The lighted glareshield comes with 05-03994 that you can adhere to the bottom side. You can view this light strip if you enter the part number in our search bar.