3M™ 4014 Sound And Vibration Damping Panels

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Designed for damping resonant vibrations of thin sheet metal, these panels are pressure sensitive, specially compounded polyurethane damping foam with an aluminum foil backing. The adhesive on the foam is protected by a peel-off paper covering. It is an excellent insulator for conducted heat and is an excellent heat reflector. Fireresistant and self-extinguishing per FAA test procedure. Excellent moisture resistance. Resistant to most solvents. Easily applied with only hand pressure for a permanent bond even on rough, irregular surfaces. Used extensively in commercial aircraft and highly recommended for metal home builts. Apply to firewall, fuselage - anywhere a vibration problem exists.
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Great product

October 30, 2017

Our end user was very happy with this product. Excellent forming properties and the adhesive backing is quite robust. We are ordering more.

John L
February 18, 2017


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Q: How thick is this material? Re: 3M Sound and Vibration Damping Panels.

These panels are approximately 1/4" thick.

Q: How thick is this material? Re: 3M Sound and Vibration Damping Panels.

These panels are approximately 1/4" thick.

Q: About the 3M 4014 panels:<br> 1) What is the sound dampening performance (-?? dB)<br> 2) What are the panel's dimensions?<br> 3) How are they priced?

1) We have added the Technical Data Sheet to the web page in the "Documents" tab. It contains all available technical information for the 4014 panels.

2) The thickness of the panels is approx. 1/4" per previous Q+A response. The length and width of the panels can be selected in the dropdown menu contained in the yellow box on the webpage. They are available in 6"x48" (09-30206), 12"x48" (09-30212), and 18"x48" (09-30218).

3) These are priced and sold per panel.

Q: Is this 3M 4014 sound and vibration product FAA approved?

No, this product does not have any FAA Approval.

Q: Can these 3M 4014 SOUND AND VIBRATION DAMPING PANELS be used on the engine-side of the firewall?

This material used for interior use, and does meet FAR 25.853, per their tech data sheet. It is not aviation specific. We always recommend discussing with you certified A&P before using or installing any item on an aircraft.