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In-Flight Adjustable Pitch Ivoprops

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The In-Flight Adjustable Pitch Ivoprop allows the pilot to change the propeller pitch in flight through a toggle switch mounted in the cockpit. Pressing the toggle switch one way sends an electric current through the graphite brushes to the slip rings and finally to an electric motor. Torque from the electric motor is channeled to a planetary gear drive which turns the lead screw. Torsional rods transmit movement from the center of the prop to the outside section of the blades, causing the blade to twist therefore changing pitch. Total time for the full range of adjustment is about 5 seconds. Mounts directly to any Rotax gear box (B or C0 and can be adapted to VW, Subaru, Hirth, Arrow and smaller Lycoming and Continental engines. Older model Ivoprop ground adjustable props can be converted to the In Flight System with the Retrofit Kit. In Flight adjustable hub comes assembled with complete instructions. Weight of 3 blade 72" In Flight Adjustable Prop including all required parts (furnished) is 9 lbs. Specify aircraft and engine make and model, and propeller diameter (48" to 76").

Standard Ivoprop is for engines up to 100 hp. Medium Ivoprop is for engines around 100HP (52"-74" prop dia.).

Standard Pitch: Adjustable 18-52 inches of pitch range
Hi Pitch: Adjustable 35-70 inches of pitch range

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: Do these in-Flight Adjustable Pitch Ivoprops with fastening screws and nuts?

Yes it comes with Bolts, slip rings, isolators, and Wire harnesses.