Garmin G5 Back Up Battery

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Part# 11-14314
MFR Model# 010-12493-02


For the ultimate "get home" option, this rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 4 hours of emergency operation to the Garmin G5 electronic flight instrument.
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Arrived as expected and works as advertised.

March 1, 2019

The battery failed after just 5 months. At $220 a pop, this isnt acceptable.

William F
November 14, 2021

Aircraft Spruce gets 5 stars, Garmin 2. The batteries are very expensive and unreliable. The last one failed after 2 years of light use. Garmin needs to find somebody else to make their batteries. To be fair, the battery installed easily, worked properly and I received what I expected. Unfortunately, it may not last very long. At least they are readily available and easy to replace.

Brad L Verified Purchase


June 22, 2021

Some unit arrived with a dead battery, bought a replacement from AS, it arrived dead and wont charge and now a third one has been installed and it too arrived dead and will not charge. I have 2 G5s installed so I can move them around to check them. the G5s work but the batteries are $200 pieces of junk.

December 10, 2021

Had to order 3rd one. First two didn’t charge. Went through all kinds of issues with my G5 trying to get it to charge. But it was the battery’s 3rd times the charm. I should have just opened it up and fixed it. Love my Garmin but the battery’s 👎

Creighton K
August 6, 2020


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Q: How long is the the shelf life of the Garmin G5 back up battery?

Per Garmin there is no specific shelf life for this battery as there can be different atmospheric conditions. Garmin does not recommend prolonged storage of these batteries.

Q: Does this Garmin G5 battery fall under hazardous goods when shipped with Airfreight?

No, this battery is not considered hazmat goods.

Q: How often should the Garmin G5 backup battery be replaced?

Garmin does not provide a timeline on the replacement. We would recommend replacement after the battery can hold no more than 80% charge.

Q: Can the G5 backup battery be used in conjunction with the GMU 11? They appear to occupy the same connector.

The battery has its own input on the G5. The GMU 11 will be wired through the 9 pin connector

Q: My aircraft doesnt have an electrical system. Can this battery be use as primary and charged every night?

No, this is intended as a back up only. The G5 requires connection to aircraft power for operation.

Q: Is there a charger/charger adapter for this G5 backup battery so it can be charged on a bench during prolonged storage?

No, that is not available. It can only be charged while on the G5.