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Part# 11-14312
MFR Model# 010-01485-01


Designed by our dedicated “Team X” engineering group specifically for the experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA) markets, the affordable G5 electronic flight instrument delivers exceptional performance, reliability and ease of installation as an all-in-one backup or primary “glass cockpit” display. The crisp, sunlight-readable 3.5” LCD fits into a standard 3-1/8” round cutout, taking up just a fraction of the space and weight previously required by conventional gyro-based instruments.

G5 has 2 pilot-selectable main page formats: a PFD page and a DG (directional gyro) or HSI (horizontal situation indicator) page. VHF or GPS navigation inputs are required to drive the HSI display; for GPS interface, an optional GAD™ 29 navigation data adapter is required. By combining visual cues and data readouts once scattered across a myriad of instruments, G5 makes flight information easier to scan — so pilots can respond more quickly and intuitively to any inflight situation.

Rock-solid Attitude Reference
When configured as a primary attitude indicator, G5 uses solid-state AHRS reference to provide smooth, steady and reliable horizon-based pitch and roll indications. In addition to aircraft attitude, G5 will also support display of airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, slip/skid, turn rate, configurable V-speed references, barometric setting and selected altitude — as well as visual alerts upon arriving at a preselected altitude. A built-in GPS receiver and antenna (with an option for external GPS antenna connection) provides highly accurate groundspeed and ground track readouts. Plus, a dedicated rotary knob on the unit allows for easy adjustments to altitude bugs and barometric pressure settings.

Gain a Clearer Sense of Direction
To provide even more situational awareness, the G5 instrument can also function as a DG or HSI in your panel. When paired with an affordable GMU 11 magnetometer and select VHF Nav/Comms or GPS navigators (interfaced with optional GAD 29 navigation data adapter), G5 can serve as your primary reference source for magnetic heading, VOR/LOC guidance and/or GPS course guidance — as well as providing distance and groundspeed indications. The unit displays both vertical and lateral GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation when available (additional equipment may be required). And you can use the G5 instrument’s rotary knob to easily make and adjust course selections — or to control heading bug settings in DG installations. Because the GMU 11 is connected to the CAN bus network, a single magnetometer can supply heading information to 2 G5 units simultaneously.

Dual Displays Double Your Options
By installing dual G5 displays in your panel, you not only gain dedicated instruments for attitude reference and directional gyro/HSI guidance — you also gain the advantages of backup redundancy with dual ADAHRS and reversionary display capability. In such installations, a secondary G5 can revert to display attitude information (consolidated with heading indication) in the unlikely event of a failure in the primary attitude indicator position. For added “get home” protection, each G5 display is available with an optional backup lithium-ion battery, which can provide up to 4 hours of emergency operation in case of an aircraft electrical outage or shutdown. And if you use one of our aera® series aviation portables¹ as a backup, you can fly with battery-powered moving map navigation guidance — as well as the G5 instrument’s flight display information — to make that aircraft electronics outage virtually a non-event.

It’s Even Better with G3X
When used as a backup instrument for your G3X, G3X Touch or other compatible glass display system, G5 provides a full range of supplemental EFIS capabilities. So, if needed, it can be used to maintain the majority of your flight display and autopilot control functions — including the ability to fly coupled GPS approaches. G5 will also provide backup ADAHRS reference to the primary displays. So whatever happens, with a G5 electronic flight instrument in your system, you can count on a wider range of options in virtually any shutdown scenario.

Stand-alone Flight Instrument with Autopilot
G5 may be installed with a GMC 305 or GMC 307 autopilot control panel and up to 3 GSA 28 smart servos to perform as a stand-alone flight instrument with integrated autopilot functions. In addition, the GTN™ 750/650 series2 (and legacy navigators2) or a Garmin portable GPS such as aera 660, aera 795 or aera 796 may be connected to the serial port on G5, enabling the autopilot to couple laterally to the flight plan and vertically to support VNAV descents to pattern altitude. Other lateral and vertical autopilot modes selectable from GMC 305 or GMC 307 include heading, pitch, roll, altitude hold, vertical speed hold and airspeed hold. Even the control panel’s level (LVL) mode button is supported to engage the autopilot and restore the aircraft to level flight at the press of a button.

Learn More About G5
A highly flexible and scalable solution designed to fit a broad range of panels and configurations, the G5 electronic flight instrument brings new levels of confidence and situational awareness to your experimental/light sport cockpit. For added peace of mind, your EFIS investment is covered by our industry-leading Garmin warranty — and backed by our No. 1-ranked product support team.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Electrical: 14 or 28 VDC aircraft power
  • Unit size: 3.4"W x 3.6"H x 3.0"D (86.4 x 91.4 x 76.2 mm)
  • Weight: 13.3 oz (377.0 g) unit
  • Display size: 3.5" diagonal (88.9 mm diagonal)
  • Display resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA), LED backlit color LCD
  • Receiver: High-sensitivity GPS
  • Maximum indicated airspeed: 300 kts
  • Altitude range: -1,400 – +30,000 ft
  • Vertical speed range: ± 20,000 ft/minute
  • Pitch/roll range: ±360°
  • Backup battery (optional): Rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: Up to 4 hours


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work great, for the price of an artificial horizon I get a EFIS.

Bertrand G Verified Purchase


March 31, 2024

G5s are great devices and simple to install.

Ivan H Verified Purchase


March 16, 2024

Good service!

Darrell M Verified Purchase


December 11, 2023

BE ADVSED !!! The Garmin G5 unit is exactly what I wanted and needed to to replace a failed standby HSI. It wasn’t clear that the standard mounting hardware was not included wit the G5 unit. It was not listed in the accessories section of the ad, which displays alternate mounting hardware. This resulted in project delay and additional freight charge. Be advised that you need to order the mounting hardware when ordering the G5.

David M Verified Purchase


November 16, 2023

As others have noted, the G5 needs an installation kit since it uses a nonstandard bracket to connect the device to the existing holes of a 3-1/4 cutout. Once installed and plumbed to the pitot static lines, it works great. I dont have a G3X system but do have a GTN650xi, and running a serial line from the 650 to the G5 gives it a full featured HSI display with nav data that can be toggled with the PFD display. So, a nice two-fer surprise when I was mostly interested in having a backup attitude display with its own solid state AHRS.

Daniel M Verified Purchase


November 8, 2023

My uAvionix AV-30-E failed after one year and a half. The LCD panel fade out, pressure altitude skipping values, OAT stop working... Got the G5, quick and easy to install, better features and better price as well. Solid unit. Barometric Altitude adjustment is right there at your finger tips. You have to press nothing before adjusting BAlt, just turn the solid, smooth clicks knob. Awesome feature! Awesome unit. From now on just Garmin on my panel.

Lewis M Verified Purchase


September 20, 2023

Sergey N Verified Purchase


June 2, 2023

Magaero L Verified Purchase


April 27, 2023

Magaero L Verified Purchase


March 27, 2023

Great product as always very reliable. Great compatibility easy installation and operation with great features.

Airsports I Verified Purchase


March 23, 2023


Please note,'s personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: I have a G3X installed and I know that the G3X touch and the plain G3X system cannot comunicate but is there a way that I can use my plain GDU as just a GPS and then I connect the touch up with my excisting module's?

You would have to run the GDU 370/375 completely separate with its own GPS signal and rewire the G3X touch to be the main display with your existing LRUs.

Q: For the Garmin G3X EFIS, do I have to buy the Connector Kits if I buy the Harness kit?

Yes, you would still need to purchase the connector kit in addition to the harness.

Q: What additional connector kits and/or harnesses are needed with K10-00016-40 (single display, no EiS, no XM).

You would need the GDU 460/465 Install Kit (11-12646), GSU 25 Connector Kit (11-11433), and the GMU 22 Install Kit (11-12213).

Q: What wiring is included in the G3X VFR Harness EFIS/EMS 4CYL CON/LYC?

For the VFR harness all of the components including the engine leads are included minus connection to an auto pilot and audio panel (which have there own part numbers on our list). When ordering a G3X system, we will send you a worksheet to fill out for your unique setup.

Q: What is included in the G3X VFR EFIS?EMS harness?

As each G3X harness we create is unique, there is a form that you would fill out which will includes the features you want including and pricing.

Q: I didn't see the optional battery for the Garmin G5 on your website. Is it available?

Yes. The optional battery is part # 11-14314.

Q: For installation in an instrument panel in a metal aircraft, is a remote GPS antenna needed and if so, which antenna is recommended?

An internal GPS antenna is included so a remote GPS antenna is not necessary. However, the GA 35 GPS antenna can be installed if preferred.

Q: Does the Garmin G5 include AOA functionality?

No. The Garmin G5 does not AOA capabilities.

Q: What are the exterior dimensions of the front panel of the Garmin G5?

|The front panel dimensions are 3.42" X 3.6".

Q: Can this experimental version (part # 11-14312) unit installed in certified aircraft or is it just for homebuilts?

This version, part # 11-14312, is intended for use in experimental (homebuilt) aircraft only. For certified aircraft, please see part # 11-14579 or 11-14582.