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Part# 11-09701
MFR Model# 013-00235-00


This external, active GPS antenna is suitable for all WAAS panel-mount GPS systems.

The low-profile, teardrop antenna provides excellent reception, and it attaches through the fuselage via screw mount, sharing the same hole pattern with the GA 56 antenna.

Reference the G3X installation manual for detailed instructions. Antenna connection is female TNC out.


  • Dimensions: 4.68 x 3.00 x 0.81 inches.
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Lumanair A
January 2, 2020


Q: What type coax is used with the GA 35 antenna and what type connector is on it?

It is recommended that you use RG 400 or RG 142 with this GPS antenna. It has a female TNC connector so you will need a male RG400/142 TNC connector.

Q: Can a single GA35 be used to drive both a GNS 530W and a GNS 430W? If so, what kind of splitter?

We recommend using two antennas for your application. We do not offer any GPS antenna splitters.

Q: What is the weight of the Garmin GA 35 GPS antenna?

This antenna weighs approximately 0.5 lbs.

Q: Is the doubler plate also part of the Garmin GA 35 GPS or should / can it be ordered separately?

The GA 35 does not come with a doubler plate nor is there one available for purchase.

Q: Is the GA 35 a self contained WAAS GPS receiver and antenna?

The GA35 is a WAAS GPS antenna only.

Q: Will the GA 35 antenna work on a Garmin 396 GPS?

No, you will need the GA 25.

Q: Does the Garmin GA 35 WAAS antenna work with a Garmin GTN 750?

Per the GTN 750 installation manual, yes, the GA 35 antenna will interface with the GTN 750.

Q: Does the GA 35 support the VHF feature on the GTN 750? Or will I need to buy a VHF Antenna?

The GA 35 is only a WAAS GPS antenna and does not have any VHF reception capability.

Q: Will this Garmin GA 35 antenna work with the Garmin GNS 530w?

Yes, this antenna will work with the GNS WAAS series.

Q: Can this antenna Garmin GA35 be mounted on the glareshield of an aircraft with clear view of the sky when used for a Garmin G5? Or does it have to be mounted on the exterior of the aircraft?

For a glareshield mount, it is recommended to use the GA 26C rather than a GA 35.