Kannad Integra 406 ELT Heli USA - No Antenna

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Part# 11-09327


Perfect for GA aircraft and helicopters, the Kannad Integra is an innovative, reliable 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter. Boasting an internal GPS, as well as a unique internal 406MHz back-up antenna, this ELT offers portability and continued transmission of emergency signal even when the external antenna has broken upon impact and the ELT is removed from the aircraft.

For regular monitoring of your position, an optional NMEA Integra e-Nav can connect to your aircraft’s own GPS.

Integra is the smallest and lightest ELT, it is easier and costs less to install than models with external antennas or GPS
  • Integrated internal 406MHz back-up antenna
  • Unique built-in GPS
  • Low cost two wire compatibility when installed with optional control panel
  • Minor change approval available for most common aircraft
  • Operates at temperatures as low as -20°C
  • -40°C version available for mounting outside pressurised fuselage.
  • Optional programming dongle, perfect for fleet operators
  • Quick and easy retrofit with universal mounting bracket
  • Built-in alarm/buzzer
  • Completely self-powered by the ELT battery (replacement every 6 years).
Once activated the 406 AF INTEGRA transmits continuously for over 24 hours on 406MHz (distress) signal and over 48 hours on a 121.5MHz (homing) signal, alerting international rescue services to the emergency and your location via the global COSPAS-SARSAT Search and Rescue satellite system.
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In The Box

  • Integra ELT ( For Fixed Wing or Heli)
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • RC200 Remote Control Switch
  • Din-12 ELT Connector
  • Accessories
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Q: Does the kannad Integra 406AF come with the mounting tray?

Per the manual, the Kannad Integra 406AF ELT comes with the Kannad 406AF ELT, Mounting Bracket and 1 Strap

Q: Can I interface this unit to receive GPS positions from my Garmin using the DIN12 connector (PN 11-06303), or is there a difference in the models that advertise GPS connectivity (such as PN 11-14018)? (experimental aircraft)

The Din connector is for the remote switch only. This unit has internal GPS, no connection to Garmin required. Part 11-14018 can connect to a Garmin device via an RS-232 connection.

Q: Once I install it, I need to program my Tail number into it so it can broadcast my I.D. to SARSAT. Am I correct that I need to buy a programming dongle just to accomplish this task?

If for a USA N# registered aircraft, you will not need to do this as it is pre-programmed. If outside the USA, we will need to program before we ship.