Kannad Integra 406Af-H ELT For Helicopters - Complete Kit

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*Your selection above will include required antenna coax cable, BNC connectors, and shielded wire for installation. The 406AF-H will come with required rod antenna (up to 350 knots)*

The new INTEGRA 406 GPS ELT is a major step forward in the development of ELT technology and aircraft safety equipment. The INTEGRA is the only ELT in the world which operates on the international 406MHz satellite search and rescue system and includes an internal GPS and 406MHz antenna, plus an internal battery.

As a result of this technological breakthrough the INTEGRA offers the international flying community a number of major benefits over the standard ELT models available on the market today.

These include:

  • A fail-safe system which in the event of ditching the aircraft or a crash landing resulting in considerable damage, allows the INTEGRA, through its automatic activation, to still have the ability to transmit and send both the unique identification and GPS position through its clever design.

  • The ability for the pilot or crew to remove the ELT from the downed aircraft, as it will continue to transmit its lifesaving message even once removed from the airframe.

  • The INTEGRA ELT can also be installed on certain models of aircraft without having to fit an expensive external antenna (national authorities’ rules and regulations permitting) and additional external GPS interface. This will reduce cost and complexity for the aircraft owner when choosing to install the all-important life saving device.

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  • Integrated internal 406MHz antenna
  • Unique built in GPS
  • Compact size
  • Operates at temperatures as low as -20 degree C, with 24 hour certified transmission on 406MHz (distress) signal and over 48 hours on 121.5MHz (homing) signal
  • No external power supply required
  • Choice of Remote Control Panels with 3-wire and 2-wire installation options
  • Minor change approval available for most common aircraft
  • 6 year replacement battery
  • Optional programming dongle, perfect for fleet operators


  • Weighing in at just 1.873lb and measuring just 6.89 x 3.90 x 3.40 inches the INTEGRA boasts a number of new and innovative features in a very small easy to install package.
  • The INTEGRA transmits on both the international 406MHz satellite search and rescue system and on 121.5MHz for local direction finding.
  • The minimum operating temperature of the unit is -20°C.
  • The internal battery life of the INTEGRA is 6 years and the transmission on 406MHz when activated is a minimum of 24 hours.

In The Box

  • Integra ELT AF-H
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • RC200 Remote Control Switch
  • DIN-12 ELT Connector
  • QTY 6 feet RG400 Certified Coax Cable
  • QTY 2 Male BNC Connectors RG400 142
  • QTY 30 feet MIL 6-Conductor Shielded Wire - 22 Gauge
  • QTY 1 406 ELT Rod antenna (up to 350 knots)
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Q: Can the ELT be mounted inside the aircraft metal structure and still receive GPS signals through the internal Antenna?

No. You will need to have an external antenna mounted in order to receive or transmit signals.

Q: Does this ELT come programmed or will I need to get it programmed once I receive it?

The USA versions are pre-programmed to the ELT serial number.