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Sw Avionics V6 VHF Aviation Radio Transceiver

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Part# 11-10464


Note: Harnesses are intended for use with experimental aircraft only. See "Harness" tab for more details.

Based on the digital technology intruduced in the V10, the V6 provides the same powerful 6W transmitter and modulation system. Designed for 25Khz spacing with 8.33Khz compatible operation selectable, the dual scan receiver boasts the fastest scanning time which means no loss of reception quality during receive of the standby channel.
100 channel storage and channel operating mode compatible with the V10. Four place, dual circuit intercom system with full isolate. Each intercom microphone input has its own level control and VOGAD noise suppression system. Dual PTT inputs. Black box flight recorder audio output.
The intercom outputs are fully stereo with a dedicated stereo music input plus two auxiliary channels for mobile phone and EFIS annunciators.

The V6 radio fits a standard 2 1/4" round instrument hole from the rear and provides simple mounting due to captive nuts.
Wide Operating voltage range: 12V to 28V DC.

What is new with the V6, compared to the V10?

Smaller Cutout: The V6 fits a standard 2 1/4” instrument hole.

Knobs: Frequency and volume selection is via standard multifunction knobs. Frequency knob is intelligent and will tune in big steps when you rotate it quickly and in 25 khz steps when you slow down.

Full Stereo: The V6 features a stereo intercom that allows you to listen to stereo music if you connect a music player to the aux audio input (requires stereo headsets). Music automatically mutes down on receive/transmit. There are also 2 mono audio inputs for EFIS alarm annunciator and phone connection.

4 Microphone Channels: The V6 has 4 individual microphone channels for independent level/VOGAD settings for each mic in a 4-place aircraft.

Independent Radio/Intercom Volume controls: The V6 allows you to ‘turn down’ the radio volume while keeping the intercom volume high, for use in busy radio environments.

Isolate Modes: Flying a 4-place aircraft and want to let your 3 passengers (or your 2 backseat passengers) talk amongst themselves while you do the hard work up front? Select one of the V6 isolate modes.


What makes the V6 so special?

Small Size: The V6 fits in a round 2 1/4” instrument hole, but has a mounting depth of only 4.2” + connectors!

Light Weight: Approximately 8.8 oz (about 0.5 lb). One of the lightest out there - great when every ounce counts!

Powerful: 6 full Watts of transmit power. Huge power for a small package.

Digital Interface: Set frequency on the radio from an SW Avionics EFIS or any equipment capable of setting frequency on the SL40 radio.

Built-in VOX / VOGAD Intercom: The V6 features a high quality intercom system (not a ‘hot mic’ - this intercom is really usable as your primary intercom!). The intercom has 4 independent microphone channels. There are several modes of operation for the intercom, including VOX options and SW Avionics’ proprietary VOGAD system. VOGAD (or voice-operated gain-adjusting device) works by adjusting the gain of the microphone as your speak based on the level of your voice. This has the effect of eliminating background/engine noise between your words as you speak and can be used with simple passive headsets to produce the results normally obtained using expensive active noise cancelling headsets. It doesn’t ‘break squelch’ like a VOX intercom - it is activated by your voice and is constantly adjusting to your voice level.

Note: This radio is non-TSO’d and is for use in Experimental and light-sport aircraft and aircraft not having a Type Certificate prohibiting the use of non-TSO’d radios and equipment.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 6W TX carrier power (unmodulated). Typical Power at 13.8V is 6.5-7W.
  • Navigation Band (Monitor Audio Only): 108.000 - 117.975 mhz with 25 khz spacing
  • Communications Band (Transmit and Receive): 118.000 – 136.975 mhz with 25 khz or 8.33 khz spacing
  • Sunlight readable LCD display
  • 100 channels with alpha-numeric frequency name and function (when radio operated in channel mode)
  • 10 frequency lists (Garmin/Icom communications compatible)
  • Active and standby frequency/channel selection system or direct frequency selection modes
  • Dual scan with priority on active using single transceiver
  • SL30 and SL40 communications compatible with SW extensions to enable full remote control of entire transceiver with status feedback
  • Fully digital audio subsystem for excellent sound quality
  • Dual circuit digital intercom system (Pilot and passenger circuit, each with own stereo audio output)
  • Four place microphone circuit, each with own level control and noise suppression system. Assignable, 1+3 or 2+2 channels (dual circuit intercom)
  • User selectable ambient noise suppression system and VOX modes: Traditional VOX with adjustable level and fading mute, SW Avionics propriety VOGAD ambient noise elimination system.
  • Switchable voice band filter for extremely high noise environments.
  • Stereo music input with an automatic fade down on intercom activity.
  • Stereo outputs for each intercom circuit. Note: To make full use of the stereo intercom system, stereo headsets are required.
  • Two auxiliary audio inputs, mono, for mobile phone and EFIS annunciator
  • Adjustable microphone levels with a bargraph display of levels - easily adjust for best performance
  • Pilot and passenger PTT circuits
  • Pilot and passenger PTT join or isolate
  • Audio output drives 8 ohm speaker or 600 ohm headsets
  • Fully digital class-D modulator for best in class power efficiency during transmit
  • Excellent TX sound quality with digitally controlled modulation
  • Highly accurate and stable fully digital PLL frequency source
  • Dual superhet receiver with 45Mhz 1st IF and 455Khz 2nd IF
  • Bargraph display of received signal level
  • Bargraph display of transmitted audio level - see how well your TX carrier is modulated (visual sidetone)
  • Field updatable software (requires PC with RS-232) - subject to FCC restrictions
  • PC based interface application available free. Maintain your frequency databases on your PC and upload if you prefer (requires RS-232 port or USB to RS-232 converter)
  • Wide voltage range operation - 10 V to 28 VDC
  • Super low power consumption: RX 230 mA, TX 1.2A (at 13.8V DC)
  • Fits standard 2 1/4" instrument hole.
  • Very low weight: 250 grams (~1/2 lbs)
  • Very small mounting depth, only 4.2” (10.7 cm) plus connectors
  • Zero internal adjustment and calibration during either production or service, no adjustable inductors, capacitors or anything else for long stability and service life
  • Low cost - best "bang for the buck" airband radio ever created

In the Box

  • V6 Transceiver
  • Connector (No wiring)
  • Screws


Note: Harnesses are intended for use with experimental aircraft only.
  • Part No. 11-11919 Standard Harness for SW V6 Transceiver
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Excellent compact light radio with solid clarity and reception. Menu driven selections are straightforward with a range of choices to meet varied environments. Knobs are exceptionally useful! Display is great

March 3, 2017

cold ,minus -30 for some day in 2 years , radio survive , screen perfect,

May 8, 2016

Replaced my old Narco 810. Wiring was very simple, making installation straightforward and quick. Audio is crystal clear, and other pilots report my transmission is the same. Love the dual channel monitoring feature. Agree with other pilot- the intercom is great.

John M
October 21, 2014

Great reliable powerful light weight crystal clear receive an transmitt Intercom is the best I've ever used !!! Others used ps1200 ps1000 several others hands down best radio at any price !!

Mike O
December 7, 2013

love it

Michel B
July 18, 2013

MGL replace the radio work ok, very good service ,Thanks to Matt

Michel B
January 6, 2013

i like it ,take time to ajust ,some mic not working good,reception take 5 to 10 minutes like lamp radio ,to come on ,,,,ok for the rest of the day

November 19, 2012

I have a V6 in my RV-8A, and use it with a Lightspeed Tango headset. Ive never had very unsatisfactory operation from this radio.. Using the complex VOGAD, nobody 10mi away can understand my transmission.. I have to be closer than 5mi before they can.. Using the VOX, its not much better. Setting has to be re-done each flight. The intercom works on ground, but in air it is next to useless in VOGAD mode -speech clips continuously and is unintelligible. In VOX mode, it speech comes across muffled. Ive tried changing mic sensitivity from the Tango, followed by trying various settings in the Radio. Some days it works passably, most days its a real challenge. I appreciate the patience and assistance from Adam at Michigan Avionics, but its all been to little help with the V6 in my RV-8A. Very disappointed. I am actively looking for another radio to fit in the hole.

Tony P
June 26, 2021

To follow up on earlier review: Michigan Avionics is the U.S. distributor and the place to go for service. Create an account in their user support forum and submit a request to return the radio for service. Someone will get back to you by email with an RMA form to fill out, then youll get shipping instructions to Torrance, CA. I was impressed with how quickly they responded to me yesterday. That part was very good.

February 3, 2021

Disappointed with this radio. Bought it here and installed in a newly completed experimental, running a new Lightspeed Zulu headset with ANR. Have been through all the setup options, changed the wiring harness, and tried three different antennas at different locations on the airframe. Not able to make this work. Lost sidetone at anything above idle. Not sure if it is even transmitting. Radio checks are failing. MGL support forum indicates lost-sidetone problem needs to be referred to current manufacturer, South West Electronics, and failure to locate or contact them for support/repair: indicating a possible blown TX transistor. Moderator suggests contacting original dealer for help with that. Definitely not straightforward. Definitely not working like the plain old comm in the C162 I trained in. Should be easier than this. Sorry for bad news.

January 31, 2021


Please note,'s personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: What is the warranty on the MGL V6?

The warranty is 3 years.

Q: I need to change my VHF radio & intercom on a Torpedo aircraft. The MGL V6 seems to be perfect for me but is the intercom suitable for a torpedo aircraft? Can I get a Form 1 even if it is not TSO approved? What are the main differences with the TRIG TY 91.

You will not be able to get a Form 1 as the MGL is not certified (TSO'd) and is intended for experimental aircraft. If you have very loud engine an external high noise intercom would be best with any radio. The MGL is one piece where the Trig has face and a remote box. They both are 6 watts output, fit into a 2-1/4" space and have 25/8.33Khz spacing.

Q: Will the V6 VHF Aviation Radio Transceiver work in an open cockpit biplane?

The MGL V6 features a switchable voice band filter for extremely high noise environments which would make this a suitable choice.

Q: I am building a 2-place plane with tandem seating. I don't think the 3-foot cable harness for the MGL V6 will reach into the back seat. How would I order a longer harness with all the connections of the 3-foot?

Under special instructions, please indicate the length desired or if you speak with a sales representative at the time of order, please let them know the length you need.

Q: Can a non TSO radio be installed in a standard category VFR part 91 aircraft?

The MGL V6, part number 11-10464, can not be used in part 91 aircraft. This product is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: What antennas can be used I am building a just aircraft SUPERSTOL and I bought this radio from your Atlanta store.

Any Com antenna can be used with your V6.

Q: On the face of the radio it says 41*C. Would that be radio temperature or is there an outside air temp probe available?

Per the manual, the temperature displayed is transmitter temperature.

Q: Can the MGL V6 Transceiver provide intercom for a four seat aircraft?

No, you will need an external intercom in order to support a 4 place harness.

Q: Does the MGL V6 VHF radio transceiver provide VOX for both pilot and 1 passenger?

Yes, both pilot and co-pilot have VOX and VOGAD.

Q: Where is the Part No. 11-10533 Standard Harness for MGL V6 Transceiver?

11-10533 has been replaced with 11-11919. It is available in the options tab.