Dupont Molykote 4 (Formerly Dow Corning Dc-4) Electrical Insulating Compound 150 G Tube

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Part# 09-27700
MFR Model# 4 CMPD 150G TUBE


DuPont MOLYKOTEŽ 4 Electrical Insulating Compound is a translucent white grease-like silicone that is used to make moisture resistant seals for electrical, automotive, aircraft, and marine assemblies. It can also be used to lubricate and seal o-rings, switches, door seals, cable connectors, and battery terminals. It is odorless, has high dielectric strength, good chemical stability and thermal oxidation. 150 g Tube.


  • Typical Use: Used for making a moisture-proof seal for aircraft, automotive and marine ignition systems and spark plug connections, electrical assemblies and terminals, assembly lubricant for various metal-on-plastic and metal-on-rubber combinations.
  • Brand: MOLYKOTE
  • Color: Translucent White
  • Components: 1 part
  • Dielectric Strength: >450 V/mil
  • Flash Point: >300 °C
  • Key Specifications: SAE AS 8660, FDA 21 CFR 175.300
  • Service Temperature: -55 to 200 °C
  • Specific Gravity: >1 @ 25 °C
  • Spray: No
  • Volume Resistivity: 0.1 x 10^15 ohm-cm
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Joe R Verified Purchase


November 24, 2021

Calvin K Verified Purchase


September 12, 2021

The item received properly packed.

February 24, 2021

DC-4 has so many uses from electrical to lubing oil filter seals. Great product.

May 30, 2020

Shall I use this for air circuit breaker fixed and moving contact

July 6, 2018

The best grease that I have ever found to coat spin on oil filter gaskets. They absolutely will not seize on to the housing when is greece is applied to the gasket surface.

April 13, 2017


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Q: The Dow Corning DC-4 Compound used for oil filter gaskets? Part # 09-27700

Yes, Dow Corning DC-4 is commonly on the rubber gasket on an oil filter for a new installation.

Q: Can you use DC-4 on o rings used in avgas fuel systems?

It is not recommended. Parker O-Lube, our p/n 05-00773 would be a better choice.

Q: What size is this Dow Corning DC-4 compound in ounces?

Part # 09-27700 is priced and sold as a 5.3 oz tube.

Q: Can I use DC-4 on hydraulic brake master cylinder o-rings that use the red milspec hydraulic fluid?

A silicone base grease is recommended for o-rings in brake systems. We offer Dow Corning 55, our p/n 08-13684, which is listed in Cleveland's maintenance manual to lubricate cylinder o-rings. The information I found on DC4 does not indicate it can be used for hydraulic systems.

Q: May the DOW Corning DC-4 be used on silicone rocker arm cover gaskets to aid in sealing?

It is most commonly used as a dielectric grease, we do not believe it would be the correct material for that application.

Q: Can this DOW CORNING #4 be used on Engine Spark Plug wires at the spark plug and at the Distributor Cap?

Yes but you would want to look at your maintenance manual to see if it is called for.