ACS Keyed Ignition Switch With Start Position A-510-2 FAA-PMA

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Part# 11-03170
MFR Model# A-510-2


These fine quality switches are used in many aircraft. The switch housing is now machined from billet aluminum which makes this switch 25% lighter. They provide “ON” and “OFF” electrical control of both magnetos on single engine aircraft. The Key-operated switches mount from the rear of the panel in a 7/8” dia hole. Available with or without starter position.

With Starter Position. Supplied w/switch plate two keys. (diode included) A-510-2

FAA PMA Approved.

Made in USA
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Good quality product

Michael G Verified Purchase


December 8, 2021


Brm A Verified Purchase


August 29, 2021

works great. looks good. screws a little short if you have more than one connector on connection such as ground.

Louis D Verified Purchase


August 24, 2021


West F Verified Purchase


July 21, 2021

Great product. the order was processed quickly

Richard M Verified Purchase


July 13, 2021

Fast delivery by Aircraft Spruce, works as advertised. Like the new faceplate that comes with the switch but I didnt need it as my panel is still in great shape.

Brian W
March 31, 2021

no comment

Philippe M
March 15, 2021

This order was satisfactory, not rescheduled like others.

Airborne I
December 3, 2020

Replaced my 15 year old switch. Exact replacement. Wiring diagram and diode included. Arrived quickly.

Tom R
September 23, 2020

delivered on time, Thanks !!

Burt R
September 5, 2020


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Q: Is it possible to get the connection diagram for the terminals on the back of the A510-2? I want to connect my Hobbs meter to it so Hobbs meter only runs when Master *and* ignition are both on. Is this possible with the A510-2?

Please see the Documents tab of this web page. There is a link to the "Installation Diagram". This will provide all available terminal connection information for this ACS keyed ignition switch.

Q: what is the AMP rating?

This switch (11-03170) is rated at 2 amps in a 12V system, or 1 amp in a 24V system.

Q: Does the jumper for terminal 1 come with the switch?

Yes, there is a jumper cable included with P/N# 11-03170 switch.

Q: What is the start function contact ratings? What is maximum voltage?

Momentary "on" function on "start" (spring-return to "both"). Current through "BAT" & "S" terminals is 2 amps inductive at 12 volts or 1 amp inductive at 24 volts. Current through "L" and "R" magneto grounding circuits is less than 0.5 amps. Open circuit voltage is 300 volts.

Q: What is the proper instrument panel cutout hole size required to install the ASC Keyed Ignition Switch A-510-2?

The O.D. of the threads are approx. 7/8", but you will want to have a notch in the hole so the switch does not rotate. The drawing is in the documents tab.

Q: What is the warranty on this ACS ignition A-510-2 switch?

1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Q: What are the overall dimensions of this switch?

This is 2.28" length and 2.23" at its widest point.

Q: What is the weight of the ignition switch A-510-2 on it's own?

Approx .209 lbs.

Q: When the switch is in the L position is the right Ignition disabled by providing a ground? I want to use this on a Rotax engine and the off signal is ground.

In the left position the right mag is grounded and in the right position the left mag is grounded.

Q: What size ring terminals fit the wiring connections?

You will need a stud size #6 for the ring terminal to be used on Part # 11-03170.