Electronics International FP-5L Fuel Flow Hp & GPS Input

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Two primary features of the FP-5 are a pilot programmable low fuel alert and a pilot programmable low time to empty alert. These alerts catch your attention by blinking the low fuel LED which will turn off when acknowledged by pushing any button or switch. These alerts can be at any time from the front panel of the FP-5. By setting these alerts, the FP-5 becomes a Fuel Managing Co-Pilot, alerting you when it is time to check your fuel levels, switch tanks, compare your time to destination calculations to the FP-5 readings or any other function you need to perform.

E.I. products include all documentation and certifications

Another primary feature of the FP-5 is a Pilot Programmable low fuel warning. This warning catches your attention by blinking the low fuel LED which will turn off when acknowledged by pushing any button or switch. This warning is an emergency warning, similar to those on other fuel flow instruments, but it is pilot programmable from the front panel at any time. This programmability allows you to set the limit to your specifications according to your aircraft and your desired safety margin (not a fixed limit chosen by a loran or fuel flow manufacturer). FP-5L kits interface with any GPS or Loran that has an Argus RS-232 output part.

To further manage your fuel and provide safety the FP-5 displays fuel pressure in .2 PSI increments to 100 PSI. In addition it offers 1 pilot programmable Low Fuel Pressure Warning & 1 Pilot Programmable High Fuel Pressure Warning. These warnings catch your attention by blinking the H/L press. LED. These warnings are emergency warnings and can be instrumented in early problem detection.

Features include programmable K factor, programmable fuel weight, and programmable display for gal. or lbs., fuel flow to .1 gal/hr., fuel used and remaining to 1/10 of a Gallon, time to empty to one minute, fuel pressure to .2 PSI, one programmable low fuel alert, one programmable time to empty alert, one programmable high fuel pressure warning. STCD. Size: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.65"D. 2-1/4" bezel. wt. 12 oz.

FFDM-1 Fuel Flow Differential Model
The Model FFDM-1 Fuel Flow Differential Module enables the FP-5 and FP-5L kits to accommodate a pressure carb with a fuel return line back to the fuel tank. Includes FT-60 Transducer. P/N 10-25325
The standard Fuel Transducer (FT-60) designed for the FP-5 Fuel Flow/Pressure Instrument is intended to be used on aircraft equipped with fuel pumps. A gravity feed system requires the FT-90 flow transducer.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Very accurate fuel flow meter.

Charles S Verified Purchase


April 25, 2023

Have dealt with E I since they started but have found their products very good but theii customer service and warranty to be very poor

Nautilus A Verified Purchase


October 5, 2022

Great unit - also got the EGT for the AUX channel. Had a couple flights with it, works really well. You do need NPT to flare fittings into the fuel transducer, and flared fuel line fittings to put this together.

Sean G Verified Purchase


August 24, 2021

Have not installed Fp-5l yet.

Jack S
April 27, 2021

Having flown behind the FP-5L for almost 2 years, nothing but 5 star recommendation. Outstanding to have the fuel awareness this fuel flow & totalizer provides. For the Aux function, I installed as EGT probe so I could replace my original Alcor EGT unit. Best part... a pilot can upgrade to a CGR-30, and keep the EGT & fuel transducer already installed, as they are the same part numbers for a specific aircraft. Service and support from EI is outstanding.

David W
December 25, 2018

This is a great addition to my cockpit. I have an older Mooney with 3 fuel tanks to manage. Two 17.5 gallon and one 14 gallon tank. Connecting this device to the EI voice annunciator and then setting a 4 gallon recurring usage alarm will warn me every time I have used 4 gallons. That gives me 4 warnings on each of the wing tanks, and 3 warnings on the aux tank before I have to switch. Very convenient and much more accurate than a 30 minute timer. The Fuel Remaining is handy to compare with Time Remaining when the wind has been worse that projected, or when you've had to fly low longer than expected, and your fuel situation is closing in on the reserves. All in all a fantastic tool for peace of mind.

Dave M
February 4, 2013


Please note,'s personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Can this be used on a certified airplane?

Yes, the FP-5L can be installed on a certified aircraft please see the documents section for STC listing.

Q: Does the EI FP-5L come with a fuel pressure sending unit? Also, which flow transducer is needed for a Lycoming IO-540 engine? I assume the unit needs both a pressure sending unit and a flow transducer.

It does come with a fuel transducer and if your aircraft is under 350HP then you will need to order the FP-5L with the FT-60 transducer.

Q: I want to use the AUX channel to monitor Volts and Amps. Which additional module do I have to buy?

You will need 10-03248.

Q: Which accessories do I need to display fuel pressure on the AUX channel?

Per EI: The FP-5L can monitor fuel pressure through our FM-FP module - note that this is not a primary indicator and any existing fuel pressure gauge must be retained. Part number 10-25337.

Q: Does the FP-5L come with the fuel flow transducer?

Per EI: : "FP-5L-60 package includes the FT-60 flow transducer, the FP-5L-90 package includes the FT-90 flow transducer and the FP-5L-180 package includes the FT-180 flow transducer."

Q: Does this gauge come with all STC paperwork?

Yes. The STC is included with the FP-5L's installation instructions and is also available at no charge from the EI website.