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Rochester 3080-38 Temperature Probe 3/8-24 Nf3 250-550F

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Part# 3080-38
MFR Model# 3080-00038


Temperature Probe 3080-38 for cluster-type instrument.

Probe comes with (2) nuts, (1) lockwasher and (1) copper mounting gasket in the included hardware kit packaged separately.



great Service

Sky A Verified Purchase

ROCHESTER 3080-38 TEMP PROBE 3/8-24 NF3 250-550F

November 18, 2021

Not working

Dan L Verified Purchase

ROCHESTER 3080-38 TEMP PROBE 3/8-24 NF3 250-550F

September 2, 2021

A/C Spruce is fantastic..

(v) A Verified Purchase

ROCHESTER 3080-38 TEMP PROBE 3/8-24 NF3 250-550F

August 25, 2021

Fixed the problem with my Mooney OEM guage

Ralph B
June 1, 2020

top service

Sue C
November 11, 2019

Works perfectly

February 12, 2018

Good value for money!

February 12, 2018

Great sensor. Less expensive than Cessna/Piper brands. Same part#

March 4, 2013

Delivered on time. Works as advertised.

Webbco L
March 13, 2020

Ive had success with these probes, but they have a nut and a locknut, and if the nuts are tightened too hard the ceramic core will move and make the probe fail. Trouble is - they usually dont fail immediately. I snug them gently then use locknut to ensure the nuts dont work their way off.

July 21, 2018


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Q: I am looking at the cylinder head temperature gauge for lycomings. The part number 3080-38 is for the probe. Is this a probe or the gauge you have listed on your web site?

We have updated the website to reflect the correct description. It is the probe that is listed on this page.

Q: Will this probe work for a 1965 Debonair 35-C33?

If you are replacing an existing Rochester probe 3080-00038 then yes as you had approval before otherwise no as it is not a TSO'd (certified) probe.

Q: Will the 3080-00038 work in a Cessna with original Stewert Warner gauge Cessna sender P/N S-1372-2?

No, this probe is only approved for replacing an existing 3080-38.

Q: Is this for a 12V or 24V system?

These do not connect to aircraft power. The probe connects to your instrument directly.

Q: When I search for Piper part number 553-673, this comes up. Is this the same part as 3080-38?

Yes, this is the same part.