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Part# 15170
MFR Model# 15170


Designed for mounting in 3/4" O.D. x .049" wall aluminum tubing (not furnished). Machined from solid aluminum. Includes Polyethylene hose fitting for 1/4" I.D.
Made in USA
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Q: I bought an UNHEATED PITOT TUBE (Part# 15170).  I notice there are three threaded holes at the rear section. When I mount it with an aldel, should I block those four holes?

The threaded holes are meant to be used for screwing the pitot tube to the airplanes tubing. If you are clamping the pitot tubes on, the holes should be blocked.

Q: I have a homebuilt that is missing it's pitot tube. if this DOES NOT work, can it be returned for a refund?

Yes, as long as there is no cosmetic damage the pitot tube may be returned within 30 days for a full refund.

Q: UNHEATED PITOT TUBE - 15170: What is the length of this pitot tube?

Approx 6 inches

Q: What screw size are required for the 4 holes?

There are only 2 threads on this unit. One is a 6-32 set screw and the port is a 1/8-27NPT.

Q: Will this pitot tube work with most standard light sport utralight aircraft Attitude indicators? Particularly in a challenger2?

Yes, this should work fine in a light sport or ultralight.

Q: So this can measure static and total pressure? And there are holes at back for attaching tubes for reading air pressures?

These are used to measure things such as airspeed, angle of attack. They will have one hole for the tubing and other two holes for the readings.