MC0710658-2 SEAT RAIL

Part# 05-00375
MFR Model# MC0710658-2
DescriptionPart Number
MC0710658-2 SEAT RAIL05-00375


These seat rails have only pilot holes drilled in the rail base allowing the installer to exactly match the aircraft floor rivet pattern. The manufacturer discovered while installing and developing our replacement seat rails that the seat rail attachment hole pattern was not consistant from aircraft to aircraft. Even small inconsistancies in the hole locations in the aircraft floor make installation of new seat rails very difficult. For this reason, all these seat rails have only a few smaller pilot attachment holes drilled at the factory. This allows the installer to precisely locate the attachment holes to match the holes in the aircraft floor. All special sized or machined attchment holes are factory machined to finish dimensions. It is necessary to install all required fasteners when seat rails are installed.

After studying countless worn and failed seat rails these rails were designed with 15% more metal in critical areas. The result is more crack resistant, durability, strength and longer life.

Installation Tip: The aircraft floor is subject to corrosion from moisture under the seat rails, be sure to remove and treat any corrosion before installing the new seat rails.
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MC0710658-2 SEAT RAIL

June 7, 2021

We actually liked the old ones better with the holes predrilled or at least guide holes. They say no pre drilled holes to misalign but we’ve never had any problems with the predrilled holes but without at least two holes oredrilled it would be very possible to misalign them and ruin the rail. Then they wouldn’t warranty that because they are not the ones who drilled the holes.

Freeland A
March 26, 2018

These are the wrong rollers. Returned for credit

July 28, 2019


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Q: Are these Cessna seat rails supplied with fixation (rivets)?

These do not come with rivets or screws.