Part# 05-01024
MFR Model# SP901-5WL


These 1 wide rolls of Teflon™ on fiberglass anti-chafe tape are excellent for use on engine cowlings to keep cowl components from chafing. The tape is available in 0.5 mil thick and 1.0 mil thick and comes with a silicone adhesive on the tape. Just peel back liner and install. Rolls are 1" wide x 36 yards long.
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We installed this tape on the strip where the cowl covers on our R182 ride on the composite nosebowl. We were seeing a lot of streaking indicating that relative motion in flight was scrubbing metal off the cowlings due to rubbing. The tape is pretty thin - did not appear to make the cowl surface higher than the nosebowl. So far it has totally eliminated the smoking we were seeing. We cleaned the surface with acetone and then denatured alcohol prior to applying tape. Its only been a month, but so far the tape adhesion looks good.

Jerry L
November 23, 2020

Very good chafe tape and affordable too!

September 16, 2020

We use this tape often to prevent chafing on cowls and flaps. Very durable slick surface. Have never had an issue with adhesion, so long as the surface is cleaned properly.

Griswold A
July 1, 2018

Great product. I had NO issues with the adhesive, just prep the area with alcohol first and it stick perfectly well. Since the tape is so thin, it doesnt affect the fit of the cowl unlike some other abrasion tapes. Ill definitely be using this from now on for my cowling and would certainly recommend it to others.

Austin L
April 27, 2018

Showed promise as a good solution to prevent cowl chaffing. Unfortunately, it has very little adhesion so it falls off almost immediately. Even on the cleanest of surfaces. Very dissappointing.

James W
November 28, 2016


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Q: Is this teflon coated fiberglass anti-chafe tape FAA approved?

Per the supplier: No, this is not an FAA Approved tape.

Q: How many feet are on a roll of this Teflon coated anti-chafe tape?

The rolls are 1" width x 36 yard length.

Q: How thick is the tape overall with the tape + adhesive?

0.02 inches thick.

Q: Is this tape a Bright White in color?

It is pale yellow/green.