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Part# 09-31805
MFR Model# O1TH106


ISD Chafe Tape is a durable Teflon™ material with a pressure sensitive adhesive which resists solvents, and oils. Designed specifically to prevent aluminum chafing between airframes and engine cowls. It helps prevent black streaking on aircraft exterior due to cowl chafing. It's not FAA/PMA approved. Operable temperature range: -100F to +500F. Width: 1". Roll length: 6 yds. Tkns: .012


Best anti chafe tape I have ever used! It is expensive but I think it is worth the cost.

Richard P
April 16, 2020

I have used this product for nearly 20 years. It is exceptionally durable. No other anti-chaffe even comes close.

April 6, 2020

I expected the anti-chafe tape roll to be sufficient in length to do both wings of my Prescott Pusher - top and bottom - but that was not the case. I was about 2 feet short and had to buy another roll. And my airplane is not a big airplane -it has relatively small wings.

Ole S
March 21, 2019

Great product. We use it for roller chaffing under wall slide for RV motorhome. Without this product the slide wall rollers move from driving down the road and if there is any grains of sand it will mar the tile surface and dull marks will be seen. Aint cheap but works well and worth it.

April 20, 2017

Excellent product. Works well on other rub areas also. Five stars for quality. I’m rating this four stars only due too the fact that at this price the roll should be longer. If you have a twin you May need two rolls.

Roger R
April 20, 2019

I use this on a Cessna 150M. There are some worn spots on the flaps that the nylon buttons dont quite eliminate. I also use it between the forward spinner bulkhead and spinner, as well as the spinner base. The tape works great and has good adhesion. I also use it on the oil access door on the top cowl, to prevent smoke when the door rubs the cowling during flight. However, despite how much I clean the aluminum (used Alumiprep 33) the tape doesnt stick more than a few flights. Superglue helps but it becomes messy after a while.

Cecil C
March 12, 2018

Good stuff. Really sticks!

Doug S
October 16, 2017

Applied well. Really slick. Time will tell how the quality is.

Kent G
February 8, 2020

Tape was tacky a first and bonded well. However, when JetA came in contact the chaffing tape immediately fell off.

Thomas M
June 15, 2018


Q: Is this tape clear, i.e can I see through it? Regarding Part # 09-31805

It is an off white color, that is transluscent, but not very clear. You can't easily see through it.

Q: How thick is this Teflon Anti-Chafe tape? I am wanting to use it on my flap that is rubbing up against the wing so it needs to be very thin.

The thickness of this tape is .012".

Q: What is the width of the Teflon™ Anti-Chafe tape?

This is 1 inch wide Teflon™ Anti-Chafe tape.

Q: What glue does this product use?

It is a self adhesive, pressure sensitive glue on the material.

Q: How hard is it to remove this tape once attached? Or is there a method to removing it?

The tape has a very strong adhesive but can be removed. There isn't any specific method to remove the tape, but heat from a heat gun can help.

Q: Is this tape FAA approved for use on certified aircraft

No, this product does not hold any FAA Approval.