UMA 2-1/4 ASI 20-120 KNOT

Part# 10-03995
MFR Model# 16-211-120



ALL MODELS Click for price A fine quality instrument of new manufacture for the exceptional homebuilt aircraft. Matte-white dial markings. Fits standard 2-1/4" instrument panel opening. Space saving dimensions: 2-3/8" x 2-3/8" x 3-1/4 L. All ranges available in knots.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Absolutely perfect for my RV9. Purchased with MK-03 INSTRUMENT NUT RING. Installation was a snap.

March 23, 2019

There’s no screws in this package. I’m comp recommend how to mount the airspeed to instrumental panel.

Satoru S Verified Purchase

UMA 2-1/4 ASI 20-120 KNOT

September 19, 2023

Fine product with ok price/quality. But no attachments for hoses included nor screws for panel attachment. Missed chance for 5 star rating

Hans L
October 15, 2020

After 10 hours it is now off. When I was flying the last time I noticed that my Steam Gauge Air speed indicator was reading faster than my Dynon Skyview. It was turbulent and the needle was bouncing around. so I couldnt tell by how much but it looked off. Yesterday I went out and got my syringe and tested the Pitot Static system. The System Looks good, no leaks, but sure enough the Steam Gauge is showing 20 mph faster than the dynon. So what happened in the last 10 hours of my phase 1 testing? Should I send the Steam Gauge back? just ignore it? I really like glancing at the analog gauge on final and takeoff. Now I know that on the madden flight the steam gauge was very close to the dynon, I have a picture from the first flight where the Dynon indicates 88, true is 93 ground speed is 99 and the steam gauge is reading 92.

Darrin T
April 11, 2022


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Q: Can I get range marking for the UMA airspeed indicator with color speed ranges?

Yes you can order part number 10-02792 which is for the UMA colored range markings.

Q: Are colored range markings standard or are they customer specified?

Color speed ranges are optional and must be specified when an order is placed.

Q: What size of hose and what fitting do I need to connect this?

Per the manufacturer: All UMI 2 1/4" non TSO'd airspeed indicators will require two fittings and two tubes for pitot and static. The fittings are 1/8" NPT female threaded, and the tubing is a 1/4" aluminum tube with .028"-.035" wall thickness.

Q: Are these UMA instruments manufactured in the USA?

PER UMA - We are the original manufacture on all of our instrumentation (with the exception of a few items that we stock for customer convenience). All of the products we manufacture are made in Dayton, VA USA.