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Cloud9 Fuel Stick Guide – Piper PA28

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Part# 13-25583


Cloud9 Fuel Stick Guide – Piper PA28
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 3D printed in Red PETG
  • References the top of the filler opening to hold stick perpendicular and centered in the opening while taking a fuel reading. This will give you a more repeatable reading and very good to use when setting the K factor value if you have an engine monitor with fuel flow calibration.
  • Has flat sides so it will not roll off the wing when set down and also has clearance for fuel cap chains.
  • Impossible to drop the stick in the tank when the guide is attached.
  • Designed to be used with your existing Fuel Hawk Fuel stick for your airplanes tank configuration.
  • The Piper PA28 version is designed to negate the 7 degree dihedral and hold the stick vertical while dipping the tanks.
  • This is designed for a fuel filler opening that is 2.25″ in Diameter.
  • Currently tested on a Piper Archer, Warrior and Cherokee.
  • For other Versions of the PA-28 make sure to verify the fuel filler opening is 2.25″ in Diameter and the wing has 7 degrees of dihedral per side. If a special version is required for the Arrow, Dakota or Cadet feel free to contact

In The Box

  • Fuel Guide 3D printed in Red PETG.
  • 2ea O-Rings used to keep Fuel Guide attached to the Fuel Hawk Fuel Stick. Only one is needed and includes a spare.
  • 1ea Use and setup instructions



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