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Got Your Six Aviation Smoke & Fire Hood Mask

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Part# 13-24329


In-flight fires are rare, but when it happens – every second counts. Most importantly, your ability to maintain control of the aircraft always comes first – the Got Your Six Aviation Smoke & Fire Hood Mask buys you critical time in the cockpit, helping you maintain focus and prevent coughing or eye burn during a critical emergency operation.

The clear hood of our smoke mask allows you to see clearly while in the cockpit, with an easy to don stretch-neck seal to maintain a closed, smoke free environment inside the hood. It provides up to 60 minutes of clean air with a 5-year shelf life. Fits both adults and children. Heat resistant hood helps protect you from radiant heat while the 5-layer air filtration system blocks most smoke, toxic fumes and gases. Utilizing two separate filtration layers, the Got Your Six Smoke & Fire Hood Mask filters dust, gas, water, CO, and HCN with an integrated oxidizer layer, which is tested to EN 403:2004 standards for performance and quality.

Once you receive your Got Your Six Aviation Smoke & Fire Hood Mask, please memorize these instructions: Do not break the seal on the plastic bag until ready to use. In case of smoke, open the bag and remove the front and rear seals marked “Remove to Use” by pulling on the red string as noted in product photos at the time you don the mask. Tighten the external straps to improve the seal around the neck area.
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Q: Does this mask have a heat rating in degrees and how long it can withstand high temperatures

200 degrees Celsius or 392 degrees Farenheit. Meets EN 403:2004 Standards