Red Viper Airplane Positioner

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Part# 13-17910
MFR Model# 2000


Own a small airplane? Having trouble positioning it around in your hangar,garage,etc.? Try RED VIPER Positioners™ they really work! Will hold up to 6000 lbs on a 3 tire airplane. Extremely LOW to the ground (only 1/2 inches ground to dolly) so wheel assembly clearance & tire fenders are never an issue. The side panels are only 3 1/2 inches height. Supports tire thicknesses up to 9 inch & wheel diameter up to 26 inches.Just roll your airplane onto dollies & glide 360 degrees effortlessly.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • MADE IN USA – Patent Pending
  • Heavy Duty – Holds up to 8000 pounds (using up to 4 dollies)
  • Tire widths up to 9 inches & wheel diameters up to 26 inches.
  • Rises a mere 1/2 inches off the ground for smooth mounting and de-mounting of tires
  • Uses built-in speed bumps to prevent tire movement once aligned onto dolly system.
  • Used on boat trailers, campers, highway equipment or SMALL light airplanes
  • Your easy way to slide around boat trailers, campers, small airplanes into position 360 degrees
  • Works especially well in tight storage spots
  • Just roll boat trailer, camper, airplane onto low riding dollies
  • Roll boat-camper-airplane into your needed 360 degree direction
  • Boat-camper-airplane will glide easily on our specially designed low-profile heavy duty casters
  • 2,000 lbs per dolly, 4,000 lbs capacity per pair or 8,000 lbs capacity with 4 dollies
  • EVEN works great on Boat Trailers with TANDEM WHEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Allows you to even STORE them on the dollies for the winter.
  • (Optional) accessory of 4 toggle brakes. These help with stability when mounting & dismounting tire. May be purchased separately.


  • Our dollies are made from solid steel and use low-profile heavy duty casters to help you move your boat,camper AND small airplane around 360 degrees in the garage,boat showrooms,hanger,etc..
  • It features a 2000 pound weight capacity PER dolly and is built sturdy to prevent tires from slipping off.
  • HD swivel Casters allow for smooth uninhibited rolling in 360 degrees.
  • With a 9 3/8″ wide opening dollies are able to fit many different size wheel and tire combinations on a boat trailer,camper,highway equipment and small airplanes.
  • Each dolly is 21 inches in length and can carry up to 2000 pounds per dolly or 4000 pounds per pair or 8000 pounds using all four dollies.
  • Each dolly weighs approximately 24 pounds and will get your boat trailer,camper,airplane from point “A” to point “B” 360 degrees in any very tight space.
  • The heavy duty steel construction ensures these easy to use dollies will last you a lifetime.
  • (Optional) accessory of 4 toggle brakes. These help with stability when mounting & dismounting tire. May be purchased separately.


Excellent product! We used it to slide and pivot our small aircraft. We loaded the airplane onto the dolly system but we used the toggle clamps first. They made it much easier. The handy wheel chock that is included was a great asset. Once our tires were onto all 3 RED VIPERS it was just a matter of pushing and sliding it into position. I highly recommend them and for the price it beats what the alternatives are out there. Matt N.

Matt N
June 7, 2022

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT the Red Viper Airplane Positioners are a fantastic tool in your hangar. They make moving around your airplane(s) 360 degrees quick & easy. Very reasonably priced. It’s a MUST tool for your shop & hangar.

Bob J
April 11, 2019

This is THE BEST small airplane moving/positioning product out on the market for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend the RED VIPER Positioners if you want to move airplanes in your hangar. Just roll them around side ways or any of 360 degrees. Fast & Easy to use too. It also works on my boat trailer in my garage. EXCELLENT.

December 4, 2017

Great product for moving my airplanes around the hangar!

April 12, 2017

Excellent product for moving around small airplanes and even boat trailers in tight spaces like the hangar,showroom or storage building. Its easy to use and great price!!

March 30, 2017

This is by far the BEST product we have found to use to move our airplane around in the hangar. It just makes it glide around the floor 360 degrees. Reasonably priced for what it can do for you. Try it out yourself.

August 25, 2015

Superior product for the price. We used 3 RED VIPER Positioners to move our airplane. Worked great.

July 15, 2015

Excellent product very reasonably priced. Works great for moving the airplanes in our hangars.

March 25, 2015

The positioner product did not work for me. As I placed the positioners and attempted to roll the airplane into positioners they tilted up and dragged along with the airplane not letting the airplane climb on them. When I finally got the airplane on the positioners the airplane was difficult to move because of the small wheel diameter. Also, the positioners ended up rolling out of the 2 main wheels when I tried to move the airplane. I had to jack the airplane up to place them back under the main wheels. The box should say not fun, not easy, not safe to use. Returned items! I ended up rewelding a car dolly and they work great!

Raul C Verified Purchase


March 23, 2022

Recently ordered 4 positioners but they all came without the corner brakes as seen in the photo and described on the description. Working to resolve. Otherwise they appears well built and after some work, I did get them under the wheels. Brakes appear to be critical to stabilize while pushing wheels onto the positioners.

David K Verified Purchase


October 8, 2021


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Q: Regarding the Red Viper Airplane Positioner: What keeps tires in position while moving the airplane around the hangar? How easy is it to slide all 3 tires onto unit without sliding around?

Per the supplier: This product has built in speed bumps to prevent tire movement once aligned onto the dolly system. You would set all four brakes down before sliding your tire onto the positioner so the unit will not roll while loading on the tire.

Q: Are the Red Viper Airplane Positioner dollys priced and sold as each or do they come as a kit?

These dollys are priced and sold as each.

Q: What is the diameter of the casters?

The casters are 50x42MM (1.97 inch x 1.65 inch), 2" across.