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PRT Fire Extinguisher Model Rt-A600

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Part# 13-07655
MFR Model# RT-A600


Model RT A600 - Halon 1211-1301 Blend
Typical use: Cockpit/Cabin

All the RT A400 features, with 0.3 lbs additional firepower. It's light weight and low maintenance makes this a very popular general aviation fire extinguisher, and it is standard equipment on many light aircraft. 12 year shelf life.

These extinguishers contain a unique blend of liquefied gas 1211/1301, two highly effective fire fighting agents. These units are self expelling which means that the pressure remains constant even when the extinguishers are almost empty.

MODEL 400 600 1200
Extinguishing Agent 1211/1301 1211/1301 1211/1301
Charge-kgs (lbs) 0.40(0.88) 0.55(1.21) 1.2(2.65)
Gross wt-kgs (lbs) 0.53(1.17) 0.80(1.76) 1.51(3.33)
ULC Fire Rating 2:BC 2:BC 5:BC
Pressure psig 100 100 100
Shell Dia-inch 2.08 2.52 3.15
Unit Height-inch 8.5 10 11.6
Shell Material Alumium Alumium Alumium
Handle Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Agent weight 1.2 lb. / 0.550 kg
  • Gross weight 1.6 lb. / 0.727 kg
  • Discharge range 6-8 ft. / 1.8-2.4 m
  • Discharge time 10-12 sec.
  • Height 9.9 in. / 25.2 cm
  • Width 3.2 in. / 8.2 cm
  • Cylinder diameter 2.5 in. / 6.4 cm
  • UL rating 2B:C
  • Bracket Single Strap (Standard)
  • Mounting Bracket included
  • Extinguishing Agent: 1211 / 1301
  • Charge-Kgs (Lbs): 0.55(1.21)
  • Gross wt - Kgs (lbs): 0.80 (1.76)
  • Pressure: 100
  • Shell Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Plastic


This is a nice little extinguisher. I bought one 13 years ago and if fits nicely behind the passengers seat. The latest annual inspection showed the plastic valve body had cracked and the halon escaped so I ordered another one. Looking at the new instructions it says to replace every 8 years so I guess I got a few extra years of service out of the old one. Hopefully never have to use it.

Dean P Verified Purchase


December 26, 2022

Never had to use it, but due to aircraft vibration, the bracket ate a hole in the bottle, causing the Halon to leak out over a long period. Didnt even know it happened until I did an annual check of the weight. It had been in my aircraft for about 500 hours, and the bottle lays almost horizontally, so theres a chance for some contact between the bracket and the bottle. Bought another one and will modify the bracket to prevent contact.

Mike P
April 1, 2019

the bracket to hold the F E is made of peanut butter. handle very gently as it will bend making it impossible to use until you bend it back into shape.

Kt H
January 25, 2018

Can't comment on efficiency since I never had to use it (fortunately), but I can comment on the shelf life. Had an A400 that self emptied after 6 years, and replaced that with an A600 that self emptied after 3-4 years. Don't expect 12 years of life if it's mounted in a plane and exposed to heat.

Gary W
March 20, 2015

Note the weigh before every flight requirement from the manufacturer Service Bulletin: 2015-01 Ended up going with the A344T

Jeff T
May 5, 2020

DONT DO IT! The aerosol can loses all pressure within a few years, just like everybody else here warns about. I bought this extinguisher because I liked the idea of a 1211/1301 blend. (1301 is an area-flooding gas form of Halon which also serves as the expellant: so the expellant also has extinguishing properties.) The extinguisher lasted 4 years then was completely empty. Do yourself a favor and buy an Amerex model A344T or A344TC (sold here on the Aircraft Spruce website). The price is about the same, but the A344T is a proper rechargeable extinguisher with a pressure gauge, sturdy steel cylinder, and the same amount of Halon as this model (and a better bracket).

Jason F
August 18, 2020


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Q: Does the RT-A600 fire extinguisher come with the mounting bracket?

Yes, this product includes the mounting bracket.

Q: What is the agent and propellant in RT A600? What are the ratings? Part # 13-07655

The RT-A600 uses a blend of Halon 1211 and Halon 1301. The 1301 also acts as the propellant. The UL rating is 2 B:C.

Q: Is there an MSDS sheet available for the PRT RT-A600 extinguisher?

Yes, we have added the MSDS PDF to the Documents tab of the web page for download.

Q: What is the life expectancy because it is not rechargeable?

The manufacturer has a 12 year shelf life for their RT-A units. The units will come with instructions how to weigh them and determine how full they are.