Sandia Stx 165R Remote Transponder For Experimental Aircraft

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A New Standard In Transponders STX 165R elevate transponder capability to a new level while reducing both weight and size. The solid state transmitter design provides 200 Watts nominal output with no warm up time. And because itís all solid state, power requirements are at an absolute minimum.

STX 165R will accept either Gillham Gray Code or RS-232 altitude input for Mode C operation. The STX 165R can be mounted with or without the mounting tray either vertically or horizontally. The STX 165R is especially suited for installations where size, weight and power consumption are critical. All functions of the STX 165R can be remotely controlled via the RS-232 port.
  • 200 Watts
  • Small and Light Weight
  • Multiple Mounting Methods
  • Optional OAT Probe Input
  • Functions Controlled Via RS-232
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Electrical Input Voltage: 11-33 Vdc
  • Current Requirements: 200mA@28Vdc
  • Power Output: 200 Watts Nominal
  • Transmitter Freq: 1090 MHz
  • Receiver Freq: 1030 MHz
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -74dBm Nominal at 90% reply rate
  • Dimensions: 3.5"H x 1.8"W x 6.9"L
  • Weight: 1.16 Lbs
  • Alt. Encoder: Grey Code; RS-232
  • Temperature: -20 degrees to +55 degrees C
  • Altitude: -1000 to 55,000 Ft.
  • Certification: DO160F; DO178B Level C; TSO C74d


Note: Harnesses are intended for use with experimental aircraft only.
  • Part No. 11-11963 (SANDIA STX 165R REMOTE XPDR W/ HARNESS): Comes with 5 foot leads.
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Q: What type of antenna can be used with the STX 165? What other parts will I need for installation?

As the STX 165 requires an external antenna you can use: 11-17995 - Ted (experimental aircraft only) AV-22 or AV-74 11-05846 (certified antenna) CI-101 11-17970 or CI-105 11-17965 (certified antenna) The other parts you will need is wire and static port lines as the unit as a built-in encoder (see manual for more details).

Q: Is P/N 11-09252 165R just the remote part of the transponder?

Yes, the remote head is not included in the 165R. At this time Sandia does not have a remote head option for the 165R but it will work with MGL, GTR and Advanced experimental EFIS systems.

Q: In a question above, you answer that the 165R will work with GTR experimental EFIS. Is that a typo for GRT?

Yes, you are correct. That should read GRT for Grand Rapids Technologies.

Q: Is there a Mode S transponder version of the STX 165? I understand that Mode C will eventually no longer be needed when ADS-B makes it obsolete with the FAA future mandate.

No, the STX 165 is only Mode C with a built in encoder. Yes there is a future mandate by the FAA but there are some options available that will allow you to keep your Mode C transponder and add a complete ADS-B compliant box.

Q: I have a King KT-70 that is failing. Is the STX 165R Transponder compatible with the KT-70 remote head.

No, at this time the 165R is only approved to work with MGL, GRT and Advanced Flight System experimental EFIS systems.

Q: Does the STX 165R have a built-in encoder like the STX 165?

No, it is not built in. The STX 165R Remote Requires a remote altitude encoder input.

Q: Can this unit be controlled by the GRT Sport EX EFIS?

Per the manufacturer, yes it will work with the GRT displays.