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The next era of global ADS-B. Compatible with space and ground-based ADS-B surveillance systems, tailBeaconX is a Mode S Extended Squitter ADS-B transponder and WAAS GPS integrated into an LED rear position light. With global compliance, tailBeaconX is the key to limitless destinations.

Transponder Redefined

    Mode S ADS-B OUT Transponder
  • Mode S + ADS-B OUT Transponder meets airspace requirements worldwide.
    Integrated Certified GPS Receiver
  • tailBeaconX includes a certified SBAS GPS receiver and antenna. No additional GPS is required.
    Aireon Compatible
  • The tailBeaconX with integrated dipole antenna is specifically designed to maximize performance when tracked by the Aireon space-based ADS-B satellite constellation.
    LED Lighting
  • The integrated 20,000 hour rated LED position light ensures the tailBeaconX draws less power than your old incandescent bulb.

Think Outside the Airframe

tailBeaconX is the world’s first transponder designed as a rear position light replacement. The 1090MHz Mode S ADS-B OUT transponder satisfies the requirements for all existing and inevitable ADS-B regulations worldwide, especially those leveraging space-based ADS-B. Fly knowing no matter your destination, tailBeaconX will keep your aircraft connected.

World-Wide Coverage

tailBeaconX embraces the future, providing precision ADS-B data to the Aireon satellite network without the need for diversity antennas. When it comes to terra firma, tailBeaconX also exceeds the performance of traditional panel installed transponders that use belly mount antennas.

Less Ground Time - Easiest Install

tailBeaconX mounts in place of your existing rear position light. The GPS, space-based, and ground-based antennas are integrated in to the lens housing. No new holes or pentetration of pressure vessels are required making tailBeaconX the lowest-hassle easiest install period.

More Than A Mandate

The AV-20-E and AV-30-E have been upgraded to include transponder control functionality! The tailBeaconX combined with the AV-30-E or AV-20-E multiplies your cockpit functionality while future-proofing your ADS-B system to meet current and inevitable mandates worldwide.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


    Physical Specifications
  • Width: 42.53mm
  • Height: 110.38mm
  • Depth: 112.75mm
  • Weight: 3.5 oz (100 grams)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -45°C to +70°C
  • Maximum Pressure Altitude: 60,000ft
  • Input Voltage Range: 9 to 33 VDC
  • 14V Current: 0.5A Max
  • 28V Current: 0.25A Max
    Mode S Transponder Specifications
  • Transmit Frequency: 1090 MHz
  • Transmit Power: 54dBm (250W)
  • Receive Frequency: 1030 MHz
  • ATCRBS Sensitivity: -74 dBm
  • Mode S Sensitivity: -74 dBm
    Position Light Specifications
  • Color: Aviation White
  • Intensity: 20 candelas
    Control Interface Specifications
  • Physical: RS232
  • Baudrate: 2400 bps 81N
  • Protocols: UCP, SL-70, STX165R

Control Head

Control head required. tailBeaconX-can be controlled by either an EFIS or the uAvionix AV-30-C

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Hardware worked perfectly, kits are complete, remember to order sufficient 22 gauge shielded wire. Push fit pitot static lines connections on back of AV - 30 make life simple. Info is spread out in three manuals. it’s all there but takes time to digest it all to see the big picture for installing the units. Set up is software sketchy, took a few tries and some waiting for the magic to take hold but once established everything worked. I’ll purchase another unit for the DG once the wifi is approved for certified aircraft. Wish they could produce a gps for certified to feed position to radios and for traffic.

Jim M Verified Purchase


June 10, 2022


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Q: Will this tailBeaconX unit provide wifi interface to an ipad/EFB? will it display position in foreflight?

No. This is an ADS-B OUT only unit and will not display anything on your tablet.

Q: Can the tailbeaconX transponder be controlled by the AV-30-C?

Yes, the tailBeaconX can be controlled by the AV-30-C.

Q: Can the tailbeaconX transponder be controlled by the AV-20-S?

For the certified version, no, it must be controlled with the AV-30-C. The experimental version of the tailbeaconX allows this.

Q: Can the ADSB mode be turned off on the tailBeacon X when not needed?

No, it does not have that feature.

Q: Will I have to buy the AV 30C to use this system or is the tailbeacon a stand alone system?

A control head is needed for the tailBeaconX. You can use the AV-30C or the a certified EFIS that is compatible with this unit.

Q: Does the tailbeacon x come with the wiring to connect to the AV30C?

No, there is no wiring included with this kit.

Q: Does this Uavionix tailBeaconX require a Form 337?

We always recommend consulting with your A&P installer for the correct paperwork to be filled out.

Q: I have Garmin G5 EFIS displays installed, will this work with the tailbeaconX, and if not, is there a simple head unit I can use? I see no reason to have a second redundant EFIS just to control the tailbeacon

As of right now, the TailbeaconX is only certified to be used with the AV-30-C.

Q: Can this be controlled from a Dynon HDX EFIS?

Per the manufacturer the experimental version is compatible with several EFIS displays including the Dynon Skyview. The certified version can only be controlled with the AV-30-C.

Q: You stated in a previous question that the ADSB tail beacon could not be turned off and yet if you turn off the NAV lights it is automatically turned off as it is not wired directly to the AV 30 is that correct?

This unit does have a direct connection to both the aircraft power and the AV-30-C. If you turn off your NAV lights, that will in effect turn off the ADS-B. The lights need to remain on during flight for ADS-B Out Compliance.