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DIPSTICK SHRT NK 0-200 & C-90 11.75"

Part# 08-04613
MFR Model# I-944-200
DescriptionLengthPart Number


Oil tank dipsticks stamped with proper calibration markings.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Bought one in MAY 2023 & believe the manufacturer read all the reviews, making necessary adjustments. Was looking just for a sealing ring to replace the silicone ring I bought as I was not getting a good seal & was constantly cleaning up a nasty oil mess. New dipstick very much solved the problem & secures well, yet does not require Hercules to remove. Am buying a few more to replace on other O-200s we are rebuilding.

Pugetsoundflyers, I
June 10, 2023

Denny G Verified Purchase

DIPSTICK SHRT NK 0-200 & C-90 11.75"

February 17, 2022

Worked fine for my continental 0200

April 1, 2021

will have to return. I thought that it would fit a Lycoming engine. Is a well maid item. Just want be able to use it.

Jeff B
March 15, 2020

I needed this to replace a broken Continental cap on my C150. I was leery of some other poor reviews but so far it’s working good if you’re careful with making sure it’s fully seated before each flight. Hopefully it will hold up for a while but it was the easiest, least expensive way to solve my issue so I’m happy it was available.

Norby A Verified Purchase

DIPSTICK SHRT NK 0-200 & C-90 11.75"

June 12, 2021

This dipstick is presently the only option available for the O-200-A with the 11-3/4” gauge. The initial fit was extremely poor (worse than the BROKEN original). I had to use two pair of pliers to bend the locking tabs up toward the gasket to provide a tighter seal, and I am using the safety wire hole for just that as I haven’t built trust in it yet… for a part that is FAA-PMA approved and certified, this sure is a sub-par product… though it seems to work better after the adjustments have been made…

Michael E Verified Purchase

DIPSTICK SHRT NK 0-200 & C-90 11.75"

August 16, 2022

Very hard to get fully seated on oil tank neck

June 30, 2017

On my C-85, it didnt work so well. It came loose after about 10 min of flight. Made a bit of a mess. Fixed by adding a second gasket to snug it up. Seems to work now. Original equipment was spring loaded. Could not find a similar one on the market.

Gregory M
April 4, 2017

Second one of these dipsticks to break off at the spot welds in an O-200 with less than 50 hours. AP/AS will not allow you to return for refund. Instead they send you to Wag Aero

Caveman R
September 25, 2023

Dan B Verified Purchase

DIPSTICK SHRT NK 0-200 & C-90 11.75"

March 29, 2023


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Q: Is part number 08-04613 a 12 quart dipstick?

No, this is a 6 quart dipstick.