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Microkit Solutions Landing Height System for Fixed Gear Aircraft

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Part# 11-20177
MFR Model# LHS-200-B


This Landing Height System is FAA-approved for installations on FAA-certified airplanes.

It includes a built-in eye-safe Class 1 Laser (Light Detection and Ranging) along with an audio interface system so height announcements can be heard when coming to land.

  • Aural height announcements starting 200 ft.
  • Fully enclosed unit with quick-disconnect 5-wire connector
  • An advanced Audio interface that can be updated to use any language or accent if desired
  • Built-in Wi-Fi interface for Set-Up and feedback with any Phone (iOS or Andriod), Tablets, or PC/Laptops
  • Runs on both 12V or 24V Aircraft power Systems.
  • GPS RS232 input from an external GPS.

The Landing Height System offers situational awareness aid, added safety, and great advantages.

This unit is approved for installation on an access panel or inspection plate internally (above the access panel; inside the wing or fuselage).
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: Is this Microkit Solutions Landing Height System for Fixed Gear Aircraft product precise over water?

The LHS is not approved for installation on an amphibian or sea airplane. This is by Certification.

For a more technical reply; the LHS uses a laser based element; if the water is choppy with some ripples; it may provide a good range; but if the water surface is crystal clear; laser will penetrate the water and not bounce back correctly to provide a good range.