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Part# 11-03992
MFR Model# 112120


BNC terminate to coaxial cable crimp on connectors meet specifications from MIL-C-39012 cl2 Category B.
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Worked well for what I needed, after I figured out the right way to install it. (If this will be your first time crimping this, save time and buy 2! Or just really *really* take your time to make sure youve got every layer cut to exactly the proper length before you commit it to the crimpers. Im completely OCD about stuff like this and even I messed up my first attempt!) My IA even provided an example piece to follow, showing me how far to cut back each layer. I digress. I upgraded my old Collins VHF-250 Comm Radio to a new Garmin GTR 225. The Collins used a different connector. Garmin needed a BNC. The coax cable had a black jacket, which lead me to believe it was RG58. The newer RG400 has more of a beige color to it and if youre running new antenna cables DO NOT USE RG58 CABLE! Run new RG400. If youre reusing existing RG58 - this is the connector you will need. The jacket of the RG58 doesnt meet modern burn-test safety standards.

Nathan M
April 13, 2020

Yet to be installed. Appears to be what was ordered.

Donn V
August 10, 2019

I am sure a good connector, but, there is a need for some instructions for assembly and notes providing information on appropriate crimping tools. I am finding that every manufacturer seems to use different crimping tools especially for the center pin. The big avionics shops probably have the correct information and tools, but they probably are not buying from Spruce. More information including name of Mfr. would be helpful.

Larry A
June 25, 2017


Q: Does this BNC conector come with all fittings and toroids for complete installation to cable?

This is a three part kit. The BNC connector, pin and crimp sleeve.