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  • MIL-DTL-17 Coaxial Cable
  • Center Conductor: .0384 (19/.008) SPC
  • Dielectric Diameter: .116
  • Imp. ohms: 50 +/-2
  • Shield: SPC (2)
  • Capacitance(pF/ft): 29.4
  • Max Voltage: 1900
  • MaxFrequency(GHz): 12.4
  • Jacket: FEP
Discount available on 1000+ ft
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Great product and great service.

Scott M
August 28, 2020

I purchased enough RG-400 to replace all the coax connections inside my amateur radio station (160-10 meter bands). Ive used LMR-400 previously. Although the crimp connected LMR-400 had worked well, I wanted something less bulky, could handle full legal limit and more. I purchased the RG-400 along with Amphenol PL259 & UG175/US reducer adapters and made the soldered connections. The change noticeably lowered my stations impedance. There is a great YouTube tutorial video on how to install these connectors, (see Mr BBI Jan 31, 2020). This coax handles high heat. I preheat my Amphenol adapters with a butane torch while soldering and the Teflon dielectric does not melt or fail. From now on RG-400 will be the only coax used inside my shack or within my mobile station. RG-400 is UV resistant. Great stuff. Dont try to save a few dollars on inferior coax. RG-400 will last a lifetime. Scott - KL7EZ Gallatin, TN

Scott C
February 24, 2020

Just what I needed

Bill B
January 30, 2020

I use rg400 coax for all my ham and cb radios as jumper cables. The rg400 is the best to use. I always order my coax from Aircraft Spruce. There service and shipping are next to none. Great place to buy what you need.

June 24, 2019

Great quality, works as advertised

Hammerhead A
April 25, 2019

I am using this cable for jumper wires for all of my ham and cb radios. This cable is perfect for these applications. Great size and flexibility. I will be ordering more.

Michael E
March 29, 2019

High quality coax with smooth outer jacket, 2 braid layers, and a stranded core. Easy to bend and route. Fits through 1/4 inch grommet just right. I used this for all com, txpdr, and ADSB antennas in my plane. Very happy with this product.

August 20, 2018

Fits pre-J Mooney perfectly

August 17, 2018

As stated. Top quality RG 400 coax. Im using it for GPS, Transponder and Radios in experimental aircraft.

Steve L
March 15, 2018

Great product, the best. Fulfillment not so good. At about $3 a foot, the last thing I need is to have to clean the cheap masking tape adhesive residue off of the coax, or any other wire. I have complained about this numerous times. My next step is to return wire received with cheap masking tape on it as unusable.

Clayton H
October 18, 2020


Q: What is the outside dimension of this coax?


Q: Comparing RG400 and 142 Which is best for VHF and which for GPS?

RG 400 (11-09202) is made with stranded wire and is good for both VHF and GPS. RG 142 is made with a solid wire and is better when running long lengths typically over 15 feet.

Q: Is there a minimum length of RG 400 for orders?

No, we do not have an order minimum for the RG400 cable.

Q: Can this RG400 coax cable be used for all aircraft antennae like glides slope, transponder, etc.?

Yes, this antenna cable is sufficient for most types of rf uses.

Q: 1) What material are the center conductor insulator and outer jacket made from? 2) What is the weight per 1,000 FT?

The center conductor insulator is PTFE with an FEP outer jacket. Weight per 1000 feet is 46 pounds.

Q: Is the center conductor solid wire or stranded wire?

RG400 is stranded. If you would like solid conductor, please view RG142 11-00043.

Q: I havent found a stripping or crimping tool specific to RG400. Do you offer those?

Consider looking at these two tools.

Q: Can RG400 be connected using BNC connectors to the RG58 tail from an existing foil dipole antenna in a composite aircraft? It will be too difficult for me to access the center of the dipole antenna, so I am hoping to be able to hook up via a BNC connector

You are able to crimp a BNC to the cable for a connection.