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Solder Termination Sleeve - Sumitomo

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Termination sleeves consist of a heat-shrinkable, transparent, polyvinylidene fluoride sleeve with an inner, pre-fluxed, solder preform and two thermoplastic sealing inserts. When heat is applied, the solder melts and flows to provide a superior connection between the ground lead and the shield. At the same time, the two thermoplastic sealing inserts melt and the outer sleeve shrinks to provide an environmentally protected termination. Otherwise, they are essentially the same.
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Great for splicing or connecting ground on shielded wire. 0.25in works for two conductor shielded. The smaller size would only fit single conductor cable.

April 26, 2021

I got em. The right part and fairly quickly

Alan T
December 16, 2020

These are good sleeves but there is a gap between the .125 and .250, I wish there was something in the middle there for making more compact connections where space is restricted. The .125 is just barely big enough for 2 wire, 22 ga shielded, if you dont comb the shielding back over the insulation. They have the lowest melting point of several I tried and if you check the manufacturer datasheet you can see the solder melting point for these is the lowest of several possible solder variations.

Ray A
June 25, 2020

These little gadgets are wonderful. They make a nice weatherproof soldered connection using just a heatgun in a few minutes. Spend some time and rig up some clamps to stabilize the free ends, and these things work great. .125 is the smallest, and will work down to #20 and possibly #22 wires.

David S
June 8, 2020

Solder sleeves are wonderful for grounding shields. Highly recommended.

Browns A
June 1, 2020

Solder Sleeves do the nicest professional looking job. Aircraft Spruce is a great source to buy fresh product in both small and large quantity.

John G
April 11, 2020

i think it works better than the Rachem. melts better and more even spread of solder

Craig A
February 22, 2019

They work great. I hope the price comes down. Great service.

Charlie E
January 19, 2019

The small works for single shielded 22 awg and can barely fit one 22 awg ground. The medium size is better for twisted pairs and three conductor wire. Works well.

Dennis B
April 8, 2018


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Q: For the soldering sleeve 11-07902, what does the .125 mean? Is that the length of the sleeve or diameter of the inside? How can you tell what wire gauge can be used with the sleeve?

For 11-07902 the .125" is the diameter of the opening. You can fit between 2 and 4 22 gauge wires inside. After placing under a heat gun the sleeve will melt to the exact size of the wire.