ACS Starter Solenoid Diode Assembly

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Part# 16050-2
MFR Model# 16050-2


This is required for all new A-510-2 and A-510-2K ignition switches for compliance with ACS Service Bulletin SB92-01. Diode Assembly for Starter Solenoid with one or Two Coil Contacts

Made in USA

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Nice custom item. Well made. If it works as described Ill probably never know.

Adam R Verified Purchase


March 11, 2022

Nicely made to do the job. You could make them yourself after hours of shopping for the right bits but this is so much easier and you know for sure its the right parts. I have installed these into four planes so far with excellent results. Its officially for starter solenoids only but it also works well for master solinoids if you have one you think is generating back currents or EMF when turning on or off. The included shoulder washer lets you use it on large or small stud electrical connections or bolt shafts. Keep in mind that the end with the red wrap on it gets connected to the 12 volt positive source connection and the other end gets connected to ground. It must be installed correctly. Depending on how your relay is wired it might be one or the other of a couple of connection choices.

Bob P
February 14, 2021

Nice product!! You could buy the materials yourself and solder one up for a bit less money than this assembly, but its not worth it. Plus, this is nicely made and works correctly, no wondering if your homemade rig is adequate or not. I now have put these into three different planes and it fit and worked with each installation. The larger connector combined with a shoulder washer to make it fit a smaller stud allows this assembly to work on pretty much any starter solenoid installation. Excellent.

Robert J
December 7, 2018

This is one of those hand made low volume type items that you are lucky you can obtain at any price. The alternative is obtaining electronics store bare components and then trying to harden them for flight - not so easy.

Bruce B
December 30, 2017

Work great!

Maxime D
September 5, 2017

I am going to use these on another project, the warning lights are briefly flickering when the master is turned on or off. (a back EMF is induced by the Master coil). I have had very reliable operation of my ACS ignition switch since I fitted this eight years ago.

January 22, 2021


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Q: Will this diode work on a Cessna 170B SN:26917, MASTER SOLENOID?

The ACS diode assembly (16050-2) was designed for use with starter relay's. No cross reference testing has been done for master relay's

Q: What is the length from terminal to terminal?

End of terminal to end of terminal: Approx 3-1/2 inches.

Q: What voltage is this diode, part number 16050-2?

STANDARD DIODE, 1A, 800V, | Diode Type: Standard Recovery | Repetitive Reverse Voltage Vrrm | Max:800V | Forward Current If(AV):1A | Forward Voltage VF Max:1.1V | Forward Surge Current Ifsm Max:30A

Q: What size are the ring terminals?

One side is a #10 and the other is 1/4".